About Us

Carl, the founder of Kalkal, grew up deep in the forest with his grandfather and they used to spend countless days trekking mountain, tracking wildlife, and creating lifelong memories.

Story started on a quiet morning in November, Carl and his grandfather went for a deer hunt in a Florida forest. Carl wasn't fully prepared, lacking proper equipment from head to toe, so he missed the opportunity to fully enjoy the hunt. This makes him realize the importance of having superior equipment for a successful hunt.

Driven by this mission, Carl determined to design and manufacture top-notch hunting equipment that will not only fulfill his desire but also make hunting easier for all outdoor enthusiasts. Thus, Kalkal was established.

Working with professional designers, engineers, and manufacturing staff, Carl devoted a great deal of time and effort to developing a wide range of innovative outdoor gear, including outdoor footwear, apparel, backpacks and other accessories.

Life is a long road, with an average of 170 million steps occurring in every person's lifetime. Life gets you on its way in different ways, some journey with your family, some journey accompanied by friends in the left and right, while other journeys are taken alone along the path.

The path of life may not always be paved with roses, in fact, sometimes it may also be thorny in parts. No matter which stage of life you are presently in, every step that you take should be firm and solid, and it should bring you closer to the goal you are striving for.

'Every step is trustworthy' is not only the belief of Kalkal brand, but it is also the promise it makes to its customers.

With Kalkal Boots, you will be able to step forward with confidence in the wildness and always keep in mind that every step you take is trustworthy.