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How to find your correct boots size?
Make sure that you measure your feet accurately so that you can get the correct size of boot.
  1. Take a piece of white paper and step your foot on it.
  2. Mark your longest toe and heel.
  3. Then measure the distance between them using a straight line parallel to your foot's length.
  4. Repeat those 3 steps for the other foot.
  Special Note:
  1. Foot lengths may differ slightly between the right and left feet, which is normal. There should be a preference for the larger foot when there is a slight difference in size between the left and right feet.
  2. Take into account extra room needed for socks or other wearables, and adjust your measurements accordingly.
Does the shaft of the boot has a good flexibility and softness?
Yes. Kalkal boots are built with a full neoprene rubbered exterior for a comfortable fit. There is such a soft and flexible shaft on the boots that you can roll it down so as to vent the moisture from the boots.
Is there any foot odor caused by wearing these boots for an extended period of time?
There is a breathable mesh lining inside the boots to wick away moisture from the foot and reduce the build-up of bacteria that can cause foot odors. You will be able to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.
Neoprene: what is it?
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that is highly resistant to heat and water, and is used in shoes and other footwear. Due to its excellent insulating properties, it is ideal for keeping feet warm and comfortable in cold conditions. Furthermore, it is a lightweight, durable, and reliable material, which is why it is an excellent material to make footwear from.
How to clean and maintain these boots properly?
The waterproof rubber shell of the boots will not be damaged by water, which makes the process of cleaning them a lot easier. Clean rubber boots with warm water and a mild soap. Let the boots air dry after thoroughly rinsing them. Keep them out of direct sunlight as well as away from heat sources in order to prevent them from cracking.
If I put on thick socks, will these boots still fit me when I wear them?
Yes, Kalkal boots are designed to fit comfortably with thick socks. Additionally, the rubber shell is flexible and will mold to your feet for a comfortable fit. As you choose the size for your boots, it is possible to also select a size up from your usual size, so that the space inside the boots is sufficient for your feet to move around.
How Do I Return An Item?
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return the products for a full refund of the purchase price (less original shipping and handling fees) within 30 days of purchase.