Have you ever felt like the ducks are just ahead of you in the field? Duck Decoys can be the missing link to your success.

This comprehensive guide goes beyond explaining what decoys are and how to pick the most successful ones but also gives pro tips that, in the end, will have you setting up spreads that practically guarantee success.

Get prepared to say goodbye to all the frustration and bring in the knowledge of how to become a decoy deploying expert!

What Is A Duck Decoy?

A duck decoy is an equipment hunters use to make ducks come around a certain spot. It is usually built from wood or plastic and is crafted to look like a duck in order for other ducks to think there is a safe harbor to fly into the area.

What are decoys made of? 

Wooden duck decoys were famously carved by hand, and were painted to be as real as possible. Plastic decoys are readily accessible and usually a lot cheaper and more durable than wood decoys. Decoys can be decorated in several ways and colors to make them look like a variety of ducks.

What are the benefits of duck decoys?

The duck decoy aims to attract ducks nearer to the hunter, thereby, making a better shot. Hunters will be able to create the misconception of a secure and welcoming habitat by placing decoys in the water or on the land strategically.

The pluses of finding ducks’ decoys can consist of raising the chances of a successful hunt and also giving a more realistic and immersive experience for hunters.

Overall, decoys are a must-have item for duck hunters who aim to increase their odds of success.

How To Choose The Best Duck Decoys?

When selecting the best duck decoys for hunting, there are several important factors that hunters should consider.

1. Realistic Look

First, it's important to choose decoys that are realistic and lifelike. Ducks are wary creatures, so having decoys that closely resemble the real thing will increase your chances of success. Look for decoys with intricate details, natural coloring, and realistic poses.

2. Material of Construction

Another important factor to consider is the material of the decoys. Decoys can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, foam, or wood. Plastic decoys are durable and lightweight, making them a popular choice for hunters. Foam decoys are also lightweight and easy to transport, but may not be as durable as plastic. Wooden decoys are more traditional and can add a rustic touch to your hunting setup.

3. Size and Quantity

It's also important to consider the size and quantity of decoys you will need. Generally, larger decoys are more visible from a distance and can attract ducks from farther away. However, having a mix of different sizes and species of decoys can create a more realistic spread and increase your chances of attracting different types of ducks.

4. Setup and Storage

Consider the setup and storage of your decoys. Look for decoys that are easy to set up and take down, as well as easy to transport to and from your hunting location. Some decoys may come with collapsible or detachable features for easier storage and transportation.

9 Best Duck Decoys Recommendations

1. Cupped Greenwing Teal Duck Decoys

Cupped Waterfowl Duck Decoys

Get ready for your next waterfowl hunt with the Cupped Waterfowl Teal Duck Decoys. This 6-pack features ultra-realistic floater decoys with weighted keels for lifelike motion on the water. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, these decoys are light and weight yet durable for long-term use. Their lifelike paint scheme adds to the realism, making them essential gear for any waterfowl hunter. Each pack includes 6 teal duck decoys, designed by experienced guides for the ultimate hunting experience.


  • Made to feel realistic
  • Smooth Material of construction
  • A great attention to detail


  • People are concerned about its size ( Small for my liking)

2. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Pintail Decoys

Mojo duck decoy

The MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Pintail Decoys are designed to target starlings, featuring a teal greenwing drake decoy made of durable plastic. These freestanding decoys boast a special rat-proof design, including magnetically connected core plastic with super-fast wings powered by the MOJO Direct Drive System. They offer a long 16-hour runtime with 4 AA batteries (not included) and are not remotely capable.


  • Comes with sturdy nature and looks great on the eyes
  • Long Battery Duration
  • Ease of usage


  • The pole is a little shorter
  • Consists of detachable feet which are difficult to inset
  • Remote control option is not there
  • It might make some noises

3. Avian-X AXF Flocked Full Body Black Ducks Decoys

AXF Flocked Full Body duck decoy

Enhance your waterfowl spread with Avian-X AXF Flocked Full Body Black Duck Decoys. Crafted for unmatched realism, these decoys feature intricate detailing and lifelike coloration, ensuring deadly attraction from afar. With a wind-activation motion system and durable construction, they withstand rugged hunts effortlessly. Plus, their easy storage and transport in a custom-fitted bag make setup a breeze. Choose from four true-to-life postures for an authentic hunting experience.


  • Good replication of a mature black duck
  • Rugged durability
  • Comes with the swim keel for realistic movements


  • They don’t come with the remote option

4. Avian-X Topflight Wigeon

Avian-X Topflight Wigeon duck decoy

Witness the Avian-X Topflight Wigeon Decoy, the king in hunting decoys. These decoys are designed with brush strokes, poses, and expressions that exactly match the natural wigeon flock. The decoys redefine realism. The decoys with the highest quality paint schemes and non-chip paint draw birds from a great distance. It is their innovative weight-forward swim keel that allows the paddlers to feel natural motion on the water thereby making them easy to use.


  • Great coloration and detail
  • Enhanced durability
  • Soft plastic


Color considerations should be made because sometimes it is not right on the drakes.

5. Flambeau Classic Floater Wood Duck Decoys

Flambeau Outdoors duck decoy

Flambeau Outdoors Classic Wood Duck Decoys offer a deadly blend of realism and durability. These floating decoys mimic Wood Duck postures with a unique keel design for lifelike motion. Featuring patented UVision paint technology for unmatched realism, they are crafted by master carvers for precision. The 6-pack includes a variety of decoys for maximum effectiveness.


  • Durability is good up to some extent
  • Float well
  • Realistic feel


  • Scratches appear very easily
  • Pretty oversized

6. MOJO Elite Series Spinning Wing Motion Duck Decoy

MOJO Spinning Motion Duck Decoy

The MOJO Elite Series Spinning Wing Motion Duck Decoy, Spoonzilla, features a twisted Spoonbill drake duck appearance with super fast spinning wings. Ideal for hunting or decoration, it makes a unique gift. With a hanging loop for easy display, it runs for 16 hours on 4 AA batteries. Its realistic paint scheme and flexible feet ensure easy storage and portability, while its direct drive system guarantees quiet, smooth, and wobble-free operation.


  • Long-lasting battery timings
  • Looks are great
  • Easy assembly


  • There is no remote setup
  • Magnetic wing is hard to align

7. RioRand Realistic Plastic Duck Hunting Decoy

RioRand Realistic Plastic Duck Hunting Decoy

RioRand Duck Hunting Decoy, made from high-quality plastic, boasts vivid modeling and fine details for a lifelike appearance. Its waterproof design allows outdoor placement and floating on water. Durable and wear-resistant, it ensures a long service life. Not only for hunting, but also for garden decoration, parks, and more, and it enhances any environment with its beauty. Additionally, its smooth lines and realistic features make it a convenient hunting bait, simplifying the process for hunters.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • The looks are great and real
  • Can be attached to a string
  • Multi-purpose uses


  • Some customers doubt the plastic resilience
  • Complaints about paint chipping off

8. Revolution Drake Mallard Duck Decoy

Revolution Waterfowl decoy

Revolution Drake Mallard Duck Decoy: A revolution in waterfowl decoys. Featuring a flocked head GHG mallard duck decoy with a stainless steel shaft and sealed ball bearings. Lightweight yet durable aluminum wings, coated for longevity. Whisper quiet, spins effortlessly in winds above 5 MPH. Designed for easy customization with a ¾” conduit pole (not included). No batteries or manual operation is required, just minimal maintenance for years of flawless performance.


  • Customers praise the quality
  • Float well
  • Realistic feel
  • Great Aluminium wings spinning


  • Thumb screws loosen and wings may fall off.

9. Tanglefree Flight Green Wing Teal Decoy

Tanglefree Flight Green Wing Teal decoy

The Tinglefree Duck Decoys are designed to attract the fast Green-winged Teal with detailed carvings and realistic feathers. These decoys have weighted keels and lifelike paint designs to improve your hunting setup and draw in birds with their realistic appearance.
Each package includes 6 decoys, consisting of four Drakes and two Hens in both Upright and Skimmer positions, imitating the natural movements of teal ducks. If you're targeting ducks at the start of the season or looking to enhance your duck spread, these decoys will lure the birds to your desired spot.


  • Realistic looks and lifelike paint scheme
  • Float well and stable
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Great Aluminium wings spinning


  • No so much negative reviews on it

Tips: Hunting With The Best Duck Decoys

Here's how to maximize your duck decoy spread for a more productive hunt:

What to Pay Attention To

  • Scouting is Key: Before setting up decoys, scout the area. Identify natural feeding spots, resting areas, and flight patterns. This helps position your spread where ducks are most likely to land.
  • Read the Wind: Ducks prefer landing in the wind. Position your decoys facing the wind direction, with a clear landing zone in front of your blind.
  • Species Matters: Use the right decoys for the ducks you're targeting. Mallard hunting? Mallard decoys are a must. Research your target species and tailor your spread accordingly.
  • Think Like a Duck: Ducks look for a safe, social environment. Create a realistic spread with a mix of feeding, resting, and alert postures. Include some hens (female ducks) along with drakes (males).

How to Use Duck Decoys Effectively

  • Spread Strategy: Don't overcrowd! Depending on the waterbody size, use 12-36 decoys for a natural look. Scatter them in a horseshoe or J-shape, with a clear landing zone in the opening.
  • Vary Your Depths: Use a mix of shallow and deep water decoys to mimic a natural feeding area.
  • Movement Entices: Consider adding motion to your spread. Spinning wing decoys or tethered live ducks (where legal) can create a sense of activity and attract more birds.
  • Camouflage is Crucial: Hide your blind strategically within the decoy spread. Use natural materials to blend in with the surroundings and avoid spooking approaching ducks.

How To Enhance Your Decoy Success Rate

  • Realistic is Best: Invest in high-quality, realistic decoys. Faded or damaged decoys can raise suspicion in ducks.
  • Proper Care: Clean and store your decoys properly after each hunt. This prevents odors and extends their lifespan.
  • Calling Counts: Combine your decoy spread with effective calling techniques. Use duck calls or electronic callers to mimic feeding and social sounds, further enticing ducks to land.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Experiment with different decoy setups and calling strategies to see what works best in your hunting are


In summary, duck decoys are the key that determines your hunting results. By analyzing aspects such as realism, material, and layout, hunters can make trickery decoys that tend to lure ducks efficiently. Whether it is the authentic-looking wooden decoys or the high-tech plastic models, it is important to emulate the natural duck behavior and environment.

Furthermore, identifying the scouting, wind direction, and species preferences can enhance the strategic application of the decoys.

Practice and keen attention to detail is the sure way to becoming an expert at deploying a decoy.

By following professional recommendations and spending on professional decoys, hunters can change their hunting experience into a more extensive, engaging, and successful one.

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