Fly fishing is where individuals can get a challenge, spend time with nature, and have the satisfaction of catching a fish. However, before you get into this, many fly rods are out there, and it may be quite irresolute when you are on a limited budget. With this guide, you will be ready to locate the best fly rods under $200 within your budget.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss what makes fly rods different from other rods, why a good budget option is important, and what you should look out for when purchasing.

After that, we will reveal our seven best fly fishing rods and include a brief comparison table as well as basic guidelines for beginners and information on how to properly care for your fishing rod.

How To Choose Quality Fly Rods?

Fly rods are unique compared to casting rods (used for lures) and weight rods (used for sinkers and heavy bait). Here's a simplified breakdown:

Fly rods are long, flexible rods that cast flies using the weight of the fly line. They require a specific casting technique.

Casting rods are shorter and stiffer, designed to propel lures with reels.

Weight rods are heavy-duty for bottom fishing with sinkers and weighty bait.

What Makes a Fly Rod a Good One?

  • Action: How the rod bends during casting and fighting fish. (More on this later)
  • Power: The strength of the rod to handle different fish sizes and flies.
  • Line weight: The weight of the fly line the rod is designed for (e.g., 5-weight).
  • Durability: Built to withstand the wear and tear on the water.

What To Consider for Fly Rods Under $200?

For a sub-$200 fly rod, focus on these key factors:

  • Rod weight: Start with a versatile 5 or 6-weight for freshwater fishing.
  • Length: An 8-foot to 9-foot rod is a good all-around choice.
  • Action: A moderate-action rod is more forgiving for beginners.
  • Brand: Look for reputable brands known for entry-level fly-fishing gear.

7 Recommended Fly Rods Under $200

1. Redington Minnow Fly Fishing Rod


💰Price: $169.99

The Redington Minnow fly rod outfit is a popular choice for beginners. It is praised for its lightweight design, ease of use, and durability, making it ideal for young anglers learning the sport. This fishing rod has a moderate action and is shorter in length, making it easy to cast. The package comes with the MINNOW fishing rod, CROSSWATER reel already loaded with RIO Mainstream WF fly line, and a Cordura rod case. Overall, the rod is a good value for the price and provides a satisfying fly fishing experience for bass or trout.


  • A popular choice for young anglers
  • The rod is lightweight and durable
  • Ease of use and its ability to handle different casting techniques
  • A good value for the price


  • Some reported potential quality control issue
  • The included reel to be of lower quality than the rod itself
  • The fly line's performance in cold water can be subpar

2. Fenwick Eagle Series Fly Fishing Rods

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods

💰Price: $99.95

This fishing rod with classic Fenwick actions, which have been tested and proven over time by the original graphite rod company. It features a hard chrome stripper and snake guides, a 4-section blank with woven carbon details, and a reel seat with a woven carbon spacer and aluminum up-lock function. Additionally, it has a high-quality, lightweight cork handle for comfortable and effective use. These rods are typically designed to be lightweight, flexible, and durable to provide optimal performance when casting and catching fish using fly fishing techniques.


  • Highlight the rod's smooth action a good casting performance
  • Suitability for various fish species
  • Some customers express satisfaction with the rod's quality, particularly at its price point


  • Some reported the rod breaking during use
  • Concerns about its durability
  • Recommended as a rod for smaller fishes, not big ones

3. Orvis Encounter® Fly Rod Outfit


💰Price: $198

Introducing the Encounter® Fly Rod Outfit from a popular brand - Orvis, an ideal option for anglers both experienced or on a budget. It might be an entry-level for every angler, but this rod merges advanced rod design with seamless, sharp performance and offers great value for its cost. This 4-piece set includes a large arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, and leader.  Prepare yourself for the excitement of fishing with the Encounter Fly Rod!


  • Smooth, crisp performance
  • Has a good feel and balance
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Good for youth or experienced anglers
  • 5-year guarantee


  • The reel is plastic and may feel cheap
  • Warranty doesn’t apply for this series rod
  • Quality issue varied

4. Echo Lift Fly Rod


💰Price: $109.99-114.99

The Echo Lift Fly Rod is a popular and affordable option for fly fishermen looking for a rod with great value and moderate action. The cork grip is unexpectedly pleasant, and the color of the rod enhances its attractiveness. While lacking great power, it excels within its designated parameters. It provides a pleasant cast and is ideal for narrow rivers. The LIFT has improved actions to accommodate different casting styles. With a variety of models to choose from, you can select the one that fits your fishing needs the most.


  • Four piece travel design
  • Beautiful blue blank and the surprisingly nice cork handle
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers
  • Satisfaction with its performance


  • Quality concerns arise, with some customers reporting issues with alignment dots and others expressing disappointment with the rod's overall durability
  • Alignment problems are a frequent complaint, with customers noting that the alignment dots are "way out of alignment

5. Shakespeare Agility Fly Fishing Rod


💰Price: $89.95

Introducing the Shakespeare Agility Fly Fishing Rod, a lightweight and versatile rod perfect for anglers of all skill levels. This 6' 3wt rod is designed for light line fishing, making it ideal for targeting smaller fishlike trout and panfish. With its 4-piece construction, the Agility is easy to transport and store and perfect for both on-the-go anglers and those who prefer to keep their gear organized. For budget anglers, it is the cheapest one among all these rods. Get ready to experience the thrill of fly fishing with the Shakespeare Agility.


  • Great feel and durability.
  • Light and fantastic to get into the smaller creeks
  • This rod has good flexibility, nice color, and good rings for the line


  • If mishandled or used for heavy-duty fishing, the rod may be dismantled

6. Wakeman 3-Piece Fly Fishing Rod


💰Price: $48.37

Introducing the 3-piece Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Kit by Wakeman. At 97 inches, this collapsible fiberglass and cork fishing pole is designed for convenience and portability. The kit comes with a case and essential accessories, making it the perfect choice for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. Whether you're heading to the river or a peaceful lake, this sleek black starter kit is sure to enhance your fly-fishing experience.


  • Comes with 2 dry flies
  • Can be disassembled and is great for backpacking fishing
  • Comes with different accessories and is ready to use
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great for beginner and experienced anglers, as well as children


  • Highlight issues with the alignment of the rod sections and others mention breakage
  • Concerns about the rod's durability

7. OKUMA Crisium Fishing Rod


💰Price: $67.99-74.99

The Okuma Fly Rod is designed for fly fishermen with a gentle and careful casting technique. These rods have a classic style with a half-well grip, a rosewood reel seat, and stainless steel snake guides. Made from lightweight graphite, Crisium fly rods provide easy casting and excellent tippet protection. These two-piece rods, ranging from 7 to 9 feet, are ideal for small waters that prioritize accuracy over distance for better results. It is a lightweight, responsive rod designed for anglers demanding performance and versatility.


  • A lightweight and sensitive rod suitable for freshwater fishing
  • Different models for choosing
  • Good construction and smooth, accurate casting
  • Lightweight and well-fitting


  • Some customers reported issues with broken rod tips
  • Customer service did not respond fast

Fly Rods Comparison Table

Feature Redington Minnow Fenwick Eagle Orvis Encounter® Fly Rod Echo Lift Fly Rod Shakespeare Agility Wakeman 3-Piece OKUMA Crisium 
Price $ 169.99 $99.95 $198 $109.99-114.99 $89.95 $48.37 $67.99-74.99
Target Audience Beginners All Levels Younger Anglers Starter or All Levels Beginners Beginners, Experienced All Levels
Rod Length 8ft Varies Varies Varies Varies 8ft Varies
Weight 5wt Varies Varies 3wt Varies 5wt Varies
Material Cotton Graphite Graphite Fabric-covered Carbon Fiberglass Graphite
Pros Lightweight, Easy to Use, Durable, Value for Price Smooth Action, Good Casting, For various fish species Value, Appearance, Easy to set up Suitable for Beginners/Youth Lightweight, Versatile, All Levels Affordable, Lightweight, Nice Appearance Durable, Easy to Carry, Comes with Various Components Lightweight and Sensitive, Accurate Casting, Suitable for Freshwater Fishing
Cons Potential Quality Control Issues, Lower Quality Reel, Subpar Fly Line Performance Durability Concerns Alignment Issues, Durability Concerns May Dismantle if Mishandled Alignment Issues, Breakage Alignment Issues with rod section, Durability Concerns Durability Issues

Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners

Here are some fly-fishing tips for beginners:

  • Gear: Get a beginner-friendly rod, like an 8ft 5wt setup. Focus on functionality over fancy features.
  • Learn to Cast: Practice casting in an open area before hitting the water. Master a basic forward cast first.
  • Fish Calm Water: Start in still water or slow-moving streams to practice your technique.
  • Match the Hatch: Choose flies that resemble insects that fish are likely to eat.
  • Upstream Strategy: Cast your fly upstream and let it drift naturally towards fish.
  • Be Patient: Fly fishing requires practice and patience. Don't get discouraged if you don't catch anything right away.
  • Respect the Environment: Practice catch and release and be mindful of the ecosystem.

How To Maintain Your Fly Rod?

Here's how to maintain your fly rod:

  1. Rinse: After each use, rinse your rod with clean water to remove dirt, salt, or fish slime.
  2. Clean the guides: Use a damp cloth or soft brush to remove built-up gunk on the rod guides.
  3. Handle with care: Avoid hitting the rod or stepping on it.
  4. Dry thoroughly: Let the rod air dry completely before storing it in its case.
  5. Store properly: Keep the rod in its case and avoid extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.


Fly fishing gives a sporting element and affiliation with nature. It is not very easy to find the right rod within the price range of $200. This guide assists you in selecting a correct beginner’s rod by considering the weight, length, and action of the rod.

It offers a brief look into the best choices and reveals noteworthy aspects. With the given tips, you’re likely to cast your line and try fly fishing like a professional angler. It is very important to remember that practice, patience, and respect for the environment are critical to success.

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