Turkey hunting is a thrilling game that needs both skill and patience and appropriate gear to hunt down a turkey. As for the turkey hunter, the most important piece of equipment is the turkey box call, a simple yet efficient tool for imitating a turkey's sounds.

This article is going to look at what a turkey box call is, how it differs from other turkey calls, and most importantly, we'll present to you some of the best turkey box calls for the 2024 turkey hunting season.

Whether you are an advanced hunter or a beginner, having a good box call can be a huge factor in your having a good turkey hunting experience.

What Is a Turkey Box Call?

A turkey box call is a turkey call that a hunter blows to imitate the sound of a turkey. It is a rectangular box with a wooden or plastic paddle on top.

The paddle is then moved back and forth across the top of the box producing sounds of turkey's gobble, cluck, or yelp. The use of a turkey box call is to draw in turkeys during the hunting season by mimicking their natural sound.

It is a simple but powerful tool for hunters to draw turkeys within shooting ranges for successful hunting.

Other Types Of Turkey Calls

1. Slate Call

The slate call, which is also known as a pot call, is a type of cue from a small slate surface attached to a wooden or plastic pot. The hunters can generate authentic turkey mating sounds by just rubbing the striker (wood or plastic) against the slate surface.

2. Diaphragm Call

The diaphragm call, better known as a mouth call in this case, is placed in the mouth of a hunter and turkey sounds are produced when air is pushed through it. This one-handed call is popular among hunters because of its very convenience and its ease of use.

3. Wingbone Call

The wingbone call is a traditional call that is created from the wingbone of a turkey. The feathered wings also enable turkey hunters to produce realistic turkey sounds by blowing air through their hollow bones. The sounds imitate the ones of a live bird.

How Is Box Call Different From Them?

A box call is one kind of turkey call that has a different look, and noise compared to others. Different from other turkey calls, which are typically handheld, the box call produces sound from the sliding of the paddle across the head of the box. Such calls attract the attention of the turkey males and they start gobbling just like the males do.

The box call is also associated with portability, as it produces a range of turkey calls from a loud yelp to a soft purring sound. Moreover, the box call is simple to use and is a common option for both beginner and seasoned players.

7 Best Box Calls For Turkey Hunting

Here are some popular Box Calls for Turkey Hunting:

1. Strut Commander Turkey Call

Strut Commander Turkey Call

Price: $19.37

The Strut Commander Turkey Call is a durable, affordable poplar wood call pre-chalked for hunters of all levels. Its dual-sided design produces realistic yelps, Cutts, clucks, and purrs, making it ideal for turkey hunting. Hand-built and tuned in the USA, this call is easy to use and versatile, suitable for both mouth-call and box-call enthusiasts. By choosing this American-made product, you support the hunting community while enhancing your turkey-calling skills.


  • Durable and affordable poplar wood construction
  • Realistic yelps, Cutts, clucks, and purrs
  • Hand-built and tuned in the USA
  • Versatile for both mouth call and box call users
  • Supports American-made products and the hunting community


  • Some users suggest it could be louder and smoother with additional chalk
  • One user mentioned the box is on the bigger side
  • Not as feature-rich or aggressive as some higher-end calls

2. Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call

Primos Hunting Box Call

Price: $49.99

The Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call is a top-notch choice for hunters looking to up their game. With an innovative design that includes a strong magnet to hold the paddle at the perfect angle, this call produces crisp cuts, smooth purrs, and soft to loud yelps consistently. The included Gobble Band adds realism to your gobbles, making this call a must-have for any turkey hunter. The detachable paddle allows for silent carry, and the call requires no tuning or adjustment. It's easy to use and fun to run, suitable for hunters of all levels.


  • Ultra-strong magnet for perfect paddle angle
  • Produces realistic cuts, purrs, yelps, and gobbles
  • Detachable paddle for silent carry
  • No need for tuning or adjustment
  • Suitable for all levels of hunters


  • The price is more expensive than others
  • Some users find it extremely loud
  • The magnet may come loose during a critical moment, impacting performance

3. Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Box Call, Wood

Quaker Boy Turkey Box Call

Price: $15.99

The Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Box Call, Wood, is a compact and easy-to-use two-sided box call, perfect for both novice and veteran turkey hunters. Made of plastic and originating from China, this call is praised for its simplicity, small size, and deadly effectiveness. It requires very little maintenance and takes up minimal space in your vest or coat.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Reasonably priced


  • Wood may wear out quickly, requiring frequent chalking and sanding for proper sound
  • Some users find it difficult to consistently make sounds, especially for young kids

4. Duck Commander Lil' Shorty Turkey Box Call

Duck Commander Turkey Box Call

Price: $24.99

The Duck Commander Turkey Box Call is a dual-sided call designed for great rollover, producing realistic, 2-tone yelps. Its 5-piece construction makes it easy to pack and carry. This call is user-friendly, allowing you to produce a variety of sounds with ease. Hand-built and tuned, it comes pre-chalked for convenience. Made in the USA by craftsmen with a passion for turkeys, the Lil' Shorty offers high-quality performance.


  • Dual-sided for realistic yelps
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • User-friendly, produces a variety of sounds
  • Hand-built and tuned


  • May require re-chalking after extended use
  • Wood construction may be less durable than synthetic materials

5. WoodHaven Cherry Real Hen

woodhaven Cherry Real Hen Turkey Call

Price: $94.99

The Woodhaven is one of the leaders in the industry which produces various calls for different game species. Its Box call delivers realistic two tone raspy yelps, like clucks, cutts, and cackles. Crafted with high-quality wood and is complemented by a laser-engraved paddle. It comes chalked and ready to use anytime. This call stands out for its sound capabilities.


  • Higher pitched call and high-quality sound variations.
  • Laser-engraved design on the paddle.
  • Ease of use.
  • Effective for calling gobblers.


  • Check for durability because the material is wood.
  • More expensive

6. Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

Price: $48.99

The Lynch Turkey Box Call is a must-have for any turkey hunter. It is made of straight-grain mahogany construction with a Walnut lid that can send out realistic hen yelps. This call is designed to help you successfully fill your tag and your dinner plate. Customers love the quality and performance of these strikers, making them a favorite among rookies, weekend warriors, and seasoned pros alike.


  • High-quality materials and performance
  • Make yelps and cucks easily
  • Produces great sound at long distance
  • Suitable for hunters of all experience levels
  • Cheap and reasonable price


  • Some users commented that items came with cracks



Price: $87.99

The Phelps Box Turkey Call is a traditional hen box call designed to simplify the production of perfect turkey call sounds. It can create raspy hen sounds that attract tom turkey, no matter how far away.

The call is easy to use and allows both newcomers and seasoned hunters to strike their preferred calls quickly and accurately. The smart construction has been tested to make the most realistic sound, ensuring consistent calls every time.


  • Premium quality construction for durability
  • Beautiful design with purpleheart lid  and solid walnut body
  • Smart construction for consistent calls every time
  • Easy to use for beginner hunters


  • Higher pitch and quieter than similar calls
  • The price is highly expensive compared to others

Things You Should Know About Turkey Box Calls

1. Are there any drawbacks to box calls?

One of the shortcomings is that box calls are often heavy and inconvenient when you move them around in the field. This can become an obstacle for hunters who enjoy traveling light or long trips during their hunting forays.

The box call, in particular, can be a real challenge for beginners as it requires precision in technique and practice to replicate the realistic turkey sounds.

In some hunting situations, such as in windy conditions or when you need to call in a gobbled turkey from afar, box calls might not be as efficient as other kinds of turkey calls.

2. What materials are best turkey box call made of?

The best turkey box call should be made of high-quality, durable materials that produce a clear and realistic turkey sound. Typically, the best turkey box calls are made of wood, such as cherry, walnut, or mahogany. These woods are known for their ability to produce rich, resonant tones that mimic the sounds of a real turkey.

3. How do you use a turkey box call?

To make a turkey sound with box call, you can hold the call in one hand and the paddle in the other to blow into a turkey box call. Apply pressure to the paddle and bring it back and forth across your box to mimic the turkey call. Try with the different pressures and speeds to see what sounds like turkey noises the best and which turkeys come closer during hunting.

4. How far can a turkey hear a box call?

A turkey can detect a box call from 400 yards away depending on the situation. This gives box calls a fair advantage for hunters wishing to attract turkeys during their hunting season. A realistic box call will produce a loud sound that can draw the nearby turkeys towards a shooting moment.

5. How often should you call for turkeys?

When determining turkeys while hunting, frequency and time play a major role in your shooting performance. The specialists recommend making a call for the turkeys every 15-20 minutes in the early morning hours during the period when turkeys are most active the most.


All in all, a turkey box call is an indispensable TATTOO for every turkey hunter because of its easy yet effective method of imitating turkey sounds. While the other types of calls are unable to produce sounds with similar realism, the box call is unique, in that it produces sound from sliding a paddle across the box, and as a result, it is the best tool for attracting turkeys with such natural calls.

When you seek a box call, focus on factors such as durability, the convenience of the call and the sound quality. The optimal boxes for the 2024 turkey season are those that include Strut Commander, Primos Hunting, Woodhaven, and a few other options that all include unique features to improve your hunting adventure.

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