Georgia, with its diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife, offers hunters a unique and thrilling experience throughout the year. Here we will list the detailed calendar of the season dates and limits for Dove season in Georgia 2023-2024, and help you prepare for your hunting trip in advance.

Georgia Dove Season

Zone: statewide

Dates: Sept. 2-Oct. 8, Nov. 18-26, Dec. 19-Jan. 31

Limits: 15 per day, 45 in possession

Georgia Deer Season


 Weapons and Zone Date


Deer Archery, Either Sex, Statewide Sept. 9-Oct. 13
  • 12 per season, statewide
  • No more than 10 antlerless and 2 antlered
  • Firearms is not allowed in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton (north of GA Highway 92), and that portion of Glynn County Iving within Jekyll Island. In the portion of Forsyth County south of GA Highway 20.
  • Only shotguns and muzzleloaders may be used (no other firearms allowed).
  • Buck only for the first two weeks (Sept. 9-24) in Baker, Decatur, Early Grady, Millei; Mitchell, 1 Nomas, and Seminole Counties.
Extended Archery, Either Sex

(ONLY for Bake, Barrow, Bibb, Chatham, Cherokee, Clarke, Clayton, Cobb, Columbia, Decatur, DeKalb, Douglas. Early, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Grady, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry, Miller. Mitchell, Muscogee, Paulding Richmond, Rockdale. Seminole, and Thomas Counties)

Sept. 9-Jan. 31
Primitive Weapons & Youth-Only
Firearms, Either Sex, Statewide
Oct. 14-Oct. 20
Firearms, Buck Only Statewide
(Either Sex, dates vary by county)
Oct. 21-Jan. 14
Extended Firearms Baker, Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Thomas, and Seminole Counties Oct. 21-Jan. 15


Georgia Beer Season

Zone Weapon Date Limits
Northern Zone Archery Sept. 9-Oct. 13 l 2 per season

l no more than 1 from the central or southern bear zones


Primitive Weapons Oct 14-Oct. 20
Firearms Oct. 21-Jan. 14
Central Zone Firearms Dec. 16
Southern Zone Firearms Sept. 21-23, Sept. 28-30, Oct. 5-7 Oct. 12-14


Georgia Turkey Season

For All:

Private Land: Mar. 30–May 15, 2024

Public Land: April 6–May 15, 2024

Limits: 2 gobblers per season. Daily bag of 1.


For Special Opportunity Youth/ Mobility Impaired:

Dates: Mar. 23-24, 2024

Limits: Only for youth 16 years of age or younger and mobility impaired persons. This season does not apply to public lands unless otherwise specified.

Georgia Alligator Season

Zone & Quota Limited:

Dates: Aug. 18 (sunset)-Oct. 2 (sunrise)

Limits: 1 per quota permit

Georgia Small Games Hunting Season

Species Zones Dates Limits
Crows Statewide Nov. 4-Feb. 29 No limit
Fox & Bobcat Statewide Dec. 1-Feb. 29 No limit
Grouse Statewide Oct. 15-Feb. 29 3 per day
Sora & Rails Statewide Oct. 8-28, Nov. 8-Dec. 26 King & Clapper: 15 per day, 45 in possession

Sora & Virginia: 25 per day, 75 in possession

Opossum & Raccoon Statewide Private Land: no closed season Public Land: Aug. 15-Feb. 29 No limit
Quail Statewide Nov. 18-Feb. 29 12 per day
Rabbit Statewide Nov. 18-Feb. 29 12 per day
Snipe Statewide Nov. 15-Feb. 28 8 per day, 24 in possession
Squirrel Statewide Aug. 15-Feb. 29 12 per day
Woodcock Statewide Dec. 9-Jan. 22 3 per day, 9 in possession
Falconry Statewide Squirrel: Aug. 15-Mar. 15 12 per day
Rabbit, Quail: Oct. 1-Mar. 15 12 per day. Grouse
Grouse: Oct. 1-Mar. 15 3 per day



Georgia's hunting seasons provide rich and diverse possibilities for hunters. Whether you're attracted to the challenge of deer hunting, the lure of turkey calls, or the mystery of night hunting, the state has plenty of options.

Remember to stay informed about specific dates, weapons and limits in each zone with our latest updates. We hope your Georgia hunting adventures will be filled with fun, skill, and respect for the natural world. Good luck with your hunt!


Here is a file that contains 2023-2024 season dates in Georgia for all big games or small games: Dove Seasons Georgia 2023-2024.


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