Minnesota offers great bear hunting chances because of its vast natural habitats and plentiful black bear population. It has various areas for hunters to participate in the thrilling bear hunt, including wildlife management areas, state forests and national forests.

Estimated by 2024, there will be between 13,000 and 18,000 bears in Minnesota. Because of the high population of bears, it is undoubted that Minnesota is a favored destination for hunting enthusiasts who are keen to big game hunt.

Here we will provide the necessary information that every hunter will need to know before going for a bear hunting in Minnesota.

Minnesota Bear Hunting Seasons

The season starts in September and lasts for almost half and one month. Here are the details:

Fall Bear Season: Sept. 1 - Oct. 13, 2024

Bag Limit: One adult bear only

Shooting Hour: half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset

How to Get a Bear License?

To hunt bear in Minnesota, you need to enroll in the drawing application. The application deadline for the Fall bear season in on May 3rd, 2024. Keep that in Mind and apply now!

Make sure to know how to apply for it and input the correct information. A faulty application will get you kicked out of the lottery.

You will need the following information for the application:

  1. Minnesota resident ID
  2. Type of license you want to apply for
  3. The hunting units you want to apply for( please don't choose unit 99, it is only for preference points)

If you are lucky to win the chance, you will be notified by June 1 with the instruction of getting a bear license.

To join in the license drawing, you can apply online or call 1-888-665-4236. It costs $5 for everyone as an application fee.

If you don’t get selected by the system, there might be some unsold licenses so you can keep an eye on it till August 6th.

Minnesota Hunting Licenses

The following are the costs for licenses in Minnesota:

  • Licenses Resident, age 18 and older: $45
  • Non-resident, age 18 and older: $231
  • Ages 13-17, regardless of residency: $6
  • Ages 10-12, regardless of residency: $1

You can buy any license on the DNR official site or call the offices.

Minnesota Bear Hunting Regulations

  1. Shot gun, crossbow are the legal equipment to take bear if you have a valid license.
  2. It is not allowed to use dogs for chasing and hunting big games.
  3. It is suggested to wear blaze orange or pink color. But, if there is no firearm or muzzleloader deer season open, you don't need to wear blaze clothing when hunting bear.
  4. Only artificial light can be used by carrying in the hand.
  5. You can set up a bait station but must have a valid bear license for the current year and register your stations in time.
  6. Drones and wireless devices cannot be used to hut big games.
  7. Only easy-remove portable stand can be used for hunting bears.
  8. Hunters can not sell bear meat or organs.
  9. Hunters who take a bear successfully must tag and register it within 48 hours.
  10. It is mandatory to submit a bear teeth sample after a successful kill.
  11. No party hunting is allowed for bear hunting. A hunter can only kill and tag the bear for himself/herself.

Legal method for taking bear:

  • Firearms with at least .220 caliber;
  • Muzzleloaders with at least .40 caliber;
  • Bows should have a pull of no less than 30 pounds at or before the fill draw;
  • Arrowheads must have a minimum of two metal cutting edges, with a diameter of at least 7/8 inch;
  • Crossbows should be at least 42 foot-pounds of energy at 10 feet and have bolts at least 10 inches long.


Bear hunting has been a favored outdoor activity in Minnesota for both residents and non-residents. This article provides important information regarding the 2024 bear hunting seasons and regulations for those looking to hunt bears in the state.

Before scheduling your bear hunting trip in Minnesota, remember to follow the dates, rules, and limits. These guidelines not only promote ethical hunting practices but also contribute to the preservation of the bear population.

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