Kalkal Retractable Snake Grabber, Heavy Duty Snake Tong Stick With Lock

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Pole Material: Aluminum alloy

Jaw Material: Stainless steel with soft silicone cover

Weight: 2.14 pounds

Size: 43.3 to 60 inches

Types:  Retractable


  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof
  • Extends from 43.3'' to 60''
  • Secure locking buckle
  • Multi-functions for snake catching, camping or fishing, etc.
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The Kalkal snake grabber is a must-have for snake enthusiasts and professionals. The snake stick can extend from 43.3 inches to 60 inches, ensuring versatility in handling snakes of various sizes and distances and staying safe.

Our snake tongs are built to last, with a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy pole and stainless steel wide jaws. The soft silicone coating prevents the snake from escaping while minimizing harm.

This extra-long snake grabber is perfect for removing pet reptiles, relocating snakes, picking up branches or rubbish, or even serving as a useful tool for camping or fishing. Whether you're a wildlife rescuer, researcher, or snake enthusiast, the Kalkal snake tongs provide you with utility and safety.

It has an ergonomic, non-slip handle that ensures a comfortable and secure grip. The user-friendly lock buckle allows for easy operation. Simply grasp the handle, rotate the lock buckle to lock securely, and rotate in the opposite direction to unlock.

The retractable design allows you to store it in your home, or vehicle or bring it everywhere easily. It can also serve as an essential pick-up tool for your family, allowing you to grab items without bending your waist.

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  1. We live in the hills of Central Texas, and that means a part of life is sometimes removing snakes from your home. They find their way inside, the cats bring them in, whatever... but it happens.Before, we'd have to get creative in getting snakes out of the house. Not so worried about it this year. This little grabber seems to be exactly what we need. It extends out to 78" and works pretty good. Plenty of room to avoid a bite.I mean, always stay away from venomous creatures, of course, but this little guy can give you some peace of mind if you have no choice.

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  2. I love how sturdy this snake grabber feels. The telescope rod is locked in place by a lever that is easy to push, and the entire pole does not wobble or sway even when fully extended. The sliding grip handle makes maneuvering this pole easy and the main level is easy to grasp and compress. The tongs are responsive and you can easily gauge how much force you are applying to the tongs from the lever. While I hope to never come across a poisonous snake, it is good to be prepared with this snake grabber. In the meantime, I have practiced on a variety of household items, and I do appreciate the shape of the tongs which makes it effective for grabbing more solid cylindrical items as wells as bag loops and handles. Just note that the lock does not engage automatically, so once you grab something, you will need your other hand to slide the rotating lock into place. But once the lock is in place, the tension keeps it from falling out.I really like this Kalkal 79¡± Snake Grabber Tool, and I would recommend it.

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  3. Wow this thing is heavy duty and impressive. It's crazy expensive for a grabber tool, which is what I initially ordered it for. But if I ever need a snake removal tool, I will have full confidence in this ones ability to grab on with a death grip me. If you wanted to you could probably squeeze the life out of the snake. Not sure how else to remove it from your property.

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  4. The snake grabber tool is crafted from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. This professional-grade construction instills confidence in its reliability and durability, making it suitable for handling various reptiles and snakes. With a telescopic design, this grabber tool offers an impressive reach of 78 inches, allowing users to safely and effectively capture snakes and reptiles from a distance. The extendable feature provides versatility in handling different-sized snakes while maintaining a safe distance.The grabber tool features a wide jaw design that provides a secure grip on snakes and reptiles without causing harm. The wide jaws ensure a firm hold, minimizing the risk of injury to both the user and the animal during handling and relocation.Equipped with a locking mechanism, the snake grabber tool allows users to securely lock the jaws in place once the reptile is captured. This feature enhances safety and control, preventing accidental release and ensuring the snake remains securely held until it can be safely relocated.

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  5. Living in Arizona, this Kalkal 60" Snake Grabber Tool is a no-brainer must-have in your garage. This Kalkal 60" snake grabber is well made; its aluminum body, PVC plastic grip with locking mechanism, pole grip, and rubberized coated tacky snake grabber. The pole can be extended from 43" to 60", when extending if you don't lock it into one of the two holes the gripper will not function at all.Overall, if you're looking for a good snake grabber tool, this is an excellent option!

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