Kalkal 1200D Oxford Snake Gaiters Leg Guards For Hunting Hiking Working Outdoors

Kalkal 1200D Oxford Snake Gaiters Leg Guards For Hunting Hiking Working Outdoors

4.89 out of 5
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Material: Nylon Oxford

Weight: ‎1.05 Kilograms

Color: Camo | Army Green | Black |Khaki

Gender: ‎‎Unisex-adult


  • Crafted from waterproof durable 1200D Oxford fabric
  • Snakeproof protection for whole calf
  • Adjustable straps for calf sizes 12" to 21"
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Ideal for hunting, camping, hiking, and various outdoor activities
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  • Waterproof&Durable Material: Kalkal snake gaiters ensure you step confidently into the wild, knowing your legs are shielded by top-grade waterproof 1200D Oxford fabric, keeping you dry and cozy no matter the weather and environment.
  • Safety And Durability: Built-in 32 tough polypropylene panels wrapping around your legs. These snake proof gaiters offer superior protection that gives you peace of mind against unexpected encounters with snakes and prickly thorns. Our snake gaiters have been tested for mechanical puncture resistance (ASTM F1342M-05).
  • Adjustable Fits: Say goodbye to uncomfortable gear! With adjustable double straps and buckles, these feel like snake proof pants that fit your calves just right, making every step feel like a custom fit. Calf sizes range from 12"- 21" for most adults, men and women.
  • Multipurpose Gaiters: These snake guards are not only for hunting, they serve multiple purposes from weekend camping trips to rugged hikes and outdoor workdays. The leg gaiters are your trusty companion for any adventure, offering the kind of protection that lets you enjoy outdoor sports.
  • Lightweight And Portable: Kalkal Snakebite gaiters are super easy and lightweight to carry and wear. Simply fold them up and tuck them away, they won't weigh you down, ensuring you're always ready for your next long hikes and full days in the field.

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Camo, Army Green

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  1. While there are a lot of rattlesnakes where I hunt in Texas, I got these for protection from branches and thorns on a dirtbike rather than against snakes. They work well as leg armor in this respect. The shin guards can burst through assorted plants creeping onto the trail without being damaged or allowing damage to come to me. Heck, if I thought there was a chance of a riot striking my area, I'd consider wearing these along with the armored motorcycle jacket as protection from the rioters.The material is thick and strong. The stitching is well done. The straps hold their adjustments. The buckled can handle a lot of abuse. This is a great set of leg armor. Due to their overall length, these would fit a tall person better than a short or medium-height human. I'm 6'5" with a 36" inseam and I think they fit great.

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  2. Used by 6'4" male. He works in the woods for a living and uses snake gaiters frequently due to PA poisonous snakes.He will use these more as a brush gaiter, per him, because of the shin protection. He has used over his boots several times now and said they worked well to protect from brush, sticks, etc.He has had no issues with them moving around or up while he is walking. Also, as shown in the picture, the tip is nowhere near his kneecap.He wears these over jeans or any type of long pants and with boots.He likes that there isn't a strap under his foot like a few of his more expensive waterproof gaiters he wears in the winter.It does not bother him that they both hook on the same side so one is on the inside and one is on the outside of his leg. As he said, this is the least of his worries after decades in the woods.He definitely recommends these gaiters

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  3. I live in a rural area with lots of brush, tall grass, and no shortage of rattlesnakes. I got these snake gaiters for extra protection when regular boots just don't seem like enough and they haven't disappointed as far as confidence and peace of mind go. In my opinion, they seem very substantially made and should protect my lower leg if I accidentally step on fang. They have several adjustment straps and I very recently wore them while walking out a remote fence line with lots of brush and weeds and found them to be comfortable and they stayed in place well. That was a task that I perform a couple of times a year and with these gaiters on I was able to complete the job quicker than usual due to extra confidence and peace of mind. Now, I don't intend to become careless about venomous snakes because a big one might be able to strike above a boot or gaiter top, but this additional layer of protection is certainly to my advantage in most instances. Yes, I'm impressed with and do like these snake gaiters. Your needs may differ - good luck!

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  4. I ordered the black set of Kalkal Snake Gaiters. My first impression is that these are heavier duty than the other two brands I have tried out. The buckles around the calf are strong, the Velcro is wide and strong, the part that goes under the arch of the boot is a wide, thick rubber strap, and the snake gaiters even have extra hard plastic plates over the shin.Like the other snake gaiters I¡¯ve tried, they are made of a fabric with hard sheets of polypropylene plastic sewn inside. The Kalkal snake gaiters are divided into more, skinny vertical plates than the other ones. This is helpful for wrapping around the leg but introduces more areas between the hard plastic where there¡¯s only fabric or seams, not a rigid layer, so potentially less protection from snake bites. These do have a sort of tongue that sits over the laces on your hiking boots, which should help protect the top of your foot while keeping weed seeds out of the laces as well.I don¡¯t like that the buckles are located on the righthand side of the leg for both gaiters. It would be nice if the buckles were on the outside of both, where it¡¯s easier to pull them tight. While walking, the buckles on the inside of the left gaiter sometimes rub or catch against the right gaiter. It¡¯s annoying but I can put up with it.When sitting, squatting down, or walking up stairs the rigid plastic on the back digs into the back of my knee. This happened with another pair that I ordered and I think people with longer legs will not have the same problem since a taller family member was comfortable sitting in the other pair. This would be an awkward pair for me to use when hiking uphill or sitting along the trail to rest.While walking around, these gaiters stay facing forward like they should, but they do move up and down a tiny bit on my legs, causing the top to rub against the bottom of my knee. I was able to tighten the buckles a little, which made it better, but the problem persisted. My hunch is that this is also related to my height and that a taller person would not have this issue.Unlike the other pairs of snake gaiters I have, these have a soft, spongy layer on the inside next to the leg. It feels like neoprene to me. I plan to wear these with jeans for better protection but I think the fabric would feel nice on bare legs for those who wear shorts with their snake gaiters.The online listing claims ¡®Kalkal snake gaiters have all passed the puncture test according to ASTM F1342-05 specifications, effectively stopping the shooting of a 12-gauge shotgun within a range of 20 yards.¡¯ To me, this seems a little bit ¡®out there¡¯ kind of claim. But, there is no way I am going to test that out, I just find it an odd claim.Well, I¡¯m not going to wear these in rattlesnake country with the INTENTION of being bitten so hopefully I¡¯ll also never test whether they work for sure to stop fangs. But common sense says that the polypropylene plates should provide some protection against sharp things.As I¡¯ve said before with other snake gaiter reviews, it¡¯s very important to be aware of your surroundings when in snake country¡ªwatch all around you and listen. Wear long pants and high boots if you can, to add protection from snakes. Use a walking stick, and never reach your hands or feet into places that you cannot see into.

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  5. The fabric and internal poly layer of these gaiters make them very durable. It would be extremely difficult for any fang, thorn, or briar to make it through these. The front shin protector is a nice touch that isn't on most sets of snake gaiters. My daughter is jealous, as hers don't have that feature.I will say that these are quite large in circumference. I tried adjusting the straps to size them down, but to get them down to my leg's diameter, I had to undo the buckling on the straps and move the "holder" part behind the nylon loop that the straps slip through. This gave me enough room to cinch them down to my size. I was thankful that these straps weren't stitched anywhere, which would have prevented this much customization.I will caution others that the "waterproof" claim should only be taken so far as to say that they will not allow water to splash through to your pants/boots, but submersion will absolutely let water in. They're open at the bottom, and seal across the back with only Velcro. The material may be impermeable to water, but the gaiters themselves are not.Still, with a good pair of leather boots (waterproof preferred), you'll have a great set of snake-proof gaiters to hunt snakes or just go walking through high brush.

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