Kalkal Stainless Steel Hunting Spear, Survival Tactical Spear With Secure Sheath

4.88 out of 5
(26 customer reviews)


Usages: Hunting, Throwing, Survival
Special Feature: Lightweight
Age Range: (Description) Toddler
Handle Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Style: Modern
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Featuring a nylon fiberglass and bolt-reinforced handle, the Kalkal Stainless Steel Hunting Spear offers exceptional strength and shock resistance. The non-slip ergonomic grip enhances accuracy and ensures effective hits on distant targets, making it an excellent hunting and fishing tool.


Crafted from durable 2Cr13 stainless steel, the razor-sharp 9mm thick spearhead resists corrosion and maintains a sharp edge. The double-edged blade provides versatile functionality, including piercing, impaling, and breaching capabilities.


Aside from its survival applications, the Kalkal tactical spear is also perfect for recreational throwing, accurately hitting targets such as stumps, trees, and hay bales; perfect for competitions with friends and family.


With a blade length of 8 inches and a handle length of 36 inches, it possesses perfect dimensions for effective use. The spear comes with a TPU snap sheath for safe and convenient carry, and the black oxide coating on the blade offers a non-glare finish and rust resistance.


In addition to its tactical uses, the Kalkal Survival Hunting Spear is also suitable for collectors and fantasy enthusiasts, making a striking display both on your wall and by your side.

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26 reviews for Kalkal Stainless Steel Hunting Spear, Survival Tactical Spear With Secure Sheath

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  1. Cool spear for any survivalist. Well made, light enough to carry without tiring, heavy enough to do its job. Haven't attempted to test its strength, but seems like it won't snap easily if tried. Sharp (not a kids toy!) I like that the knife has a good sheath so there are no unhappy accidents. I would recommend this product to a friend. Would make a great gift for any survivalist/prepper.

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  2. The box got a bit mauled in shipping as long and oddly weighted USPS freight tends to, so the mailman got to see this thing. He was very very torn about getting out and throwing it, himself. Honestly, I giggled and threw the spear into a tree!The down and dirty. This is a touch on the heavy side and the shaft flexes a bit too much to trust against a wild pig. Heavy use will see the shaft splitting as the blade is slotted on instead of over the shaft. This is reasonable in terms of an inexpensive blade of this type. To note, however, they recessed the shaft ends into the blade to keep anything from catching underneath on a deep use. A solid nod to that design as it helps with balance and control while reinforcing the ends. Balance in fact being about 17.5 from the tip.Using that balance, it was quite easy to remove the smoothness of an appliance side from more than my own height away. Blade sank easily into the sheet and into the thermal box as well. Tip is still there and the edge will still cut on a swing. So I did it several more times with similar results. This thing is going to get me in so much trouble.The sheathe is leather with a nicely long loop and nice snap closure for the shaft. The exterior and immediately apparent parts are nicely stained and finished. Inside, the leather is raw on the side stacks. Big oof. Little details like this can easily elevate something from a toy that gets an adult giggling to something that is much more easily considered a weapon.Overall, I'd get another. Just because. I just wish that a lot of these had that touch more detail in the finish. The edge was there, but not sharp enough to be a knife. As a survival tool, it should be. And the sheathe thing. Nothing that is not fixable or preventing me from recommending as-is.

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  3. Actually well built.Haven't found a good legitimate use for it yet, most likely never will though...I've been thinking of lopping off the handle and making it a knife, but I have other dedicated knives for that already. May end up using it for camping to poke at the fire and double as a long reach chopping stick. I like it, just not many uses for it though.

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  4. From a survival standpoint this is probably not the best choice of gear. But from a coolness standpoint, this extremely Sharp spear is about as cool as it can get. The blade is unbelievably Sharp right out of the package. The included sheath provides enough protection so that you most likely won't trip, fall, and mortally stab yourself to death.The body of the spear is textured and easy to hold. Overall this weapon / tool is light enough to carry without being a burden.It will most likely go into our camper as a means of protection.

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  5. Really well made and super sharp! We take it on our hikes. I bought it for me, but my boyfriend kind of took it. It¡¯s funny to see him picking flowers for me in one hand and a spear in the other. Other than that he chases birds and stabs mushrooms with it.

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Kalkal Stainless Steel Hunting Spear, Survival Tactical Spear With Secure Sheath Kalkal Stainless Steel Hunting Spear, Survival Tactical Spear With Secure Sheath
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