The southwest region in the US is famous for its abundant wildlife, providing hunters with a wide variety of game animals, birds, and vast landscapes to explore. Hunting enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated the start of hunting seasons.

However, responsible hunting practices are essential to preserve the natural balance and ensure the sustainability of these precious resources.

In this comprehensive guide, we have collected the dates, limits and rules for the Texas deer season, covering various game animals. We will also touch upon hunting license requirements and important regulations that every hunter must adhere to.

Texas Deer Hunting Season

In Texas, you can hunt mule deer and white-tailed deer from last September to late January next year. The Texas deer season lasts about 4 months, giving hunters much time to enjoy this outdoor sport.

Texas public hunting land map

Texas Mule Deer Season Dates

There are 2 mule deer seasons in different counties. Make sure you check the dates and the limited zones when planning your trip.

Season Zone Dates
General Panhandle Nov. 18 - Dec. 3
Trans-Pecos Nov. 24 - Dec. 10
Archery 59 counties Sep. 30 - Nov. 3

Texas White-tailed Deer Season Dates

The state offers more opportunities for white-tailed deer hunting with 5 seasons.

Season Zone Dates
General North Nov. 4 - Jan. 7
South Nov. 4,- Jan. 21
Special Late North Jan. 8-21
South Jan. 22 - Feb. 4
Youth-Only North Oct. 28-29 & Jan. 8-21
South Oct. 28-29 & Jan. 8-21
Archery 252 counties Sep. 30 - Nov. 3
Muzzleloader 90 counties Jan. 8-21

🔔Notes: Each hunter can only hunt at most five white-tailed deer each year, and no more than 3 of them are buck.

How Much Does It Cost For Texas Hunting Licenses?

The licenses are going on sale on August 15 each year. You can buy the licenses on the official site here: Texas Online Hunting Licenses.

The following is the breakdown of the costs of Texas hunting licenses for residents and non-residents:

For residents:

Resident Hunting License: $25
Senior Resident Hunting License(65 years and older): $7
Resident/Nonresident Youth Hunting License(under 17 years): $7
Resident Trapper's License: $19
Lifetime Resident Hunting Package: $1,000

For Nonresidents:

Non-resident Trapper's License: $315
Non-resident General Hunting License: $315
Non-resident Spring Turkey License: $126
Nonresident Special Small Game/Exotic Hunting: $132
Nonresident 5Day Special Small Game/Exotic Hunting: $48
Non-resident Banded Bird Hunting License: $27

In addition to deer hunting, Texas also offers other game opportunities for hunters. Expand your hunting plan and make the most of it!

We have collected the season dates for other game species as follows:

Texas Turkey Hunting Season

Texas Spring turkey hunt is around the corner. Check the season dates and follow the rules to track your trophy.

Rio Grande Turkey Spring Season:

Mar. 30, 2024 - May 12, 2024 (North )
Mar. 16, 2024 - Apr. 28, 2024 (South )
Apr. 1-30, 2024 (One-turkey counties)

Spring Youth-Only:

Mar. 23-24, 2024 & May 18-19, 2024 (North )
Mar. 9-10, 2024 & May 4-5, 2024 (South )

Fall Season:

Nov. 4 - Jan. 7, 2024 (North )
Nov. 4 - Jan. 21, 2024 (South )
Nov. 4 - Feb. 25, 2024 (Brooks, Kenedy, Kleberg & Willacy counties)

Fall Youth-only:

Oct. 28-29& Jan. 8-21, 2024 (North )
Oct. 28-29,& Jan. 22, 2024 - Feb. 4, 2024 (South )

Archery-only: Sep. 30 - Nov. 3, 2023

Eastern Turkey Spring: Apr. 22, 2024 - May 14, 2024 (East Texas)

Texas Javelina Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
General North Oct. 1 - Feb. 25

Texas Pronghorn Season Dates:

Season Zone Dates
General 41 counties Sep. 30 - Oct. 15

Texas Squirrel Season Dates:

Season Zone Dates
General East Texas Oct. 1 - Feb. 25, 2024 & May 1-31, 2024
Other open counties Sep. 1 - Aug. 31
Youth-only East Texas Sep. 23 - 24

Texas Chachalaca Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr & Willacy Counties Oct. 28 - Feb. 25

Texas Pheasant Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular Panhandle Dec. 2-31

Texas Quail Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular Statewide Oct. 28 - Feb. 25

Texas Dove Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular North Sep. 1, 2023 - Nov. 12& Dec. 15-31
Central Sep. 1, 2023 - Oct. 29& Dec. 15 - Jan. 14, 2024
South Sep. 14, 2023 - Oct. 29& Dec. 15, - Jan. 21, 2024
Special White-winged Dove Days South Sep. 1-3& Sept. 8-10

Texas Duck Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular High Plains Mallard Management Unit Oct. 28-29& Nov. 3 - Jan. 28
North Nov. 11-26& Dec. 2 - Jan. 28
South Nov. 4-26 & Dec. 9 - Jan. 28, 2024
Youth/Veterans High Plains Mallard Management Unit Oct. 21-22
North Nov. 4-5
South Oct. 28-29

Texas Goose Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Early Canada Goose East Sep. 9-24
Light & Dark Geese West Nov. 4 - Feb. 4, 2024
East Nov. 4  - Jan. 28, 2024
Light Goose Conservation Order West Feb. 5, 2024 - Mar. 10, 2024
East Jan. 29, 2024 - Mar. 10, 2024

Texas Alligator Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
General 22 Counties & Special Properties Sep. 10-30
All Other Counties Apr. 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024

Texas Rabbits Season Dates

Season Zone Dates
Regular Statewide No closed season

Texas Raccoon Season Dates

Season Zone Daily Limits
Year-round Statewide Two raccoons

hunters is hunting with dogs

Texas Hunting License and Regulations

In Texas, hunting licenses and regulations are essential to ensure safe and sustainable hunting practices. Here are some key hunting license requirements and regulations in Texas:

1. Hunting License: A hunting license is required for anyone, regardless of age, to hunt any animal, bird, frog, or turtle in the state of Texas. The license must be valid and appropriate for the type of game you intend to hunt.

2. Youth License: Texas offers a Youth License for residents and non-residents under the age of 17. This license covers hunting for all legal game birds and animals. Youth hunters can also participate in special youth-only hunting seasons.

3. Non-Resident License: Non-residents of Texas must obtain a non-resident hunting license to hunt in the state. The fees for non-resident licenses are typically higher than those for residents.

4. Special Licenses: Depending on the type of game you intend to hunt, additional licenses or permits may be required. These may include licenses for hunting migratory birds, alligators, pronghorn antelope, and more.

5. Tagging and Reporting: Certain game animals like deer and turkey require special tags to be attached immediately upon harvesting the animal. Additionally, hunters are required to report their harvested game within a specified time frame.

6. Hunter Education: Texas mandates that anyone born on or after September 2, 1971, must complete a hunter education course before purchasing a hunting license. Exceptions may apply to individuals with certain exemptions.

7. Hunting Seasons: The Texas hunting seasons have special dates and limits for different game animals and birds. These seasons vary by species and region, so it's crucial to check the current regulations for your specific hunting area.

8. Bag Limits: Bag limits specify the number of game animals or birds a hunter is allowed to harvest in a single day or during a hunting season. Make sure that you follow the limits.

9. Firearm Regulations: Specific rules govern the type of firearms and ammunition that can be used for hunting in Texas. Make sure your equipment complies with these regulations.


Hunting in the Southwest United States offers a wide range of opportunities to connect with nature and pursue your passion for the outdoors. In Texas, the region provides a diverse selection of game animals.

Remember that responsible hunting is not only required to follow the rules and regulations but also respect the environment and the animals. Make safety a priority, obtain all appropriate licenses and permissions, and always hunt ethically.

As you plan your hunting trips in these states, be sure to check for any updates or changes in regulations and season dates. We will also keep you updated with any new changes!

Happy hunting!

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