To be successful at deer hunting, it is essential to know when is the best time to hunt deer. When hunting at the best times, it will give you more confidence and make it more likely that you will succeed.

Planning your trips better will also be easier if you know what the best times to hunt are.

Several factors should be considered when choosing the appropriate time to go deer hunting, including the time of day, temperature, climate conditions, the rut, moon phase, and wind.

The Best Times to Hunt Deer During the Day

Dawn and Dusk

On the whole, there is a greater amount of activity during the daytime than at night when deer are out during the year. To be able to track deer correctly, it is imperative that you know when and where they are likely to move during the day.

The most active times for deer are likely to be dawn and dusk when there are less light and fewer predators, and their senses assist them in detecting predators and finding food.

Typically, deer sleep during the day, feed early in the morning, then sleep again and continue feeding through the night. As deer awaken in the evening, they begin to leave their bedding areas to search for food right away.

In this situation, you can catch deer unprepared and unaware since they will look for the food source closest to their habitat.

Ideally, you should be out at dawn and dusk to increase your chances of success. Deer movements are influenced by food and water sources, so look for places with plenty of them.

Night Hunting Is Prohibited

Since deer don't move much at night and feed in open areas, night hunting is considered one of the best times to hunt them. However, many states prohibit night hunting of deer and other game animals.

During the night, a person's vision is impaired, many accidents and even deaths can occur, and sleeping deer may be spooked by your actions. So be diligent about following hunting laws and regulations, and know when and where you can hunt legally so that you do not cause errors or accidents.

During the Rut

During the rut, a buck exhibits mating behavior during the time when a doe is ready to breed. Hunting is easier during the rut because bucks become more active and less cautious, and bucks tend to travel farther in search of does, making it easier to find them.

Additionally, during the rut, stags tend to be more aggressive, making them less aware of their surroundings.

It should be noted that the rut is a time when the buck will spend a lot of time chasing the doe, and deer become active at all hours of the day, so it is more likely to harvest a deer when hunting during the rut.

deer hunting

Moon Phase

During the night when the moon is full, deer are more active during the day. Because of the additional moonlight, they are able to see their predators more easily.

Moreover, the moonlight makes their predators more difficult to see, which gives them an advantage. Thus, during full moons, there is a higher probability of deer being out and about.

Temperature and Weather Conditions

There can also be a significant impact on deer movement caused by temperature and other weather conditions. When the weather changes, animals tend to change their behavior.

Deer are hampered by weather conditions such as high winds and stormy weather, so it is expected they will be more active and feed in the days before the storm occurs.

When deer move during stormy weather conditions, they become extremely nervous, which results in fast movements and very cautious behavior, which makes hunting them very difficult. Additionally, due to the poor visibility caused by the weather, it can be difficult to see the deer clearly and make a precise shot.

As the weather gets colder, deer move more. Hence, weather conditions should be taken into account when planning a hunting trip, and pay closer attention to the weather forecast.


While hunting, be aware of the wind, particularly on days when it is windy, ensure it is blowing away from any animals you plan to hunt. In this way, you will avoid making the animals aware of your scent and causing them to run away.

Hunting Seasons

Late fall and early winter are ideal times to hunt deer due to their high activity levels, as they form larger groups during these times, which makes tracking them easier.

Every state determines the dates for the opening and closing of their hunting seasons, state regulations may vary in terms of the exact dates of the hunting season, so hunters should always confirm their state's regulations.

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When is the best time to hunt deer? It is crucial for your preparation for the hunt in order to maximize your chances of success.

The best way to hunt effectively is to know as much as you can about your prey, and by planning ahead, you can choose the right location at the right time and prepare yourself for the hunt.

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