Green Hog Light For Hunting, Solar Powered Motion Activated Hog Feeder Light


Color: Green
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Light Source Type: LED
Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion batteries


  • Comes with a built-in 12,000mAh battery
  • Has a battery life of 50,000 hours
  • IP65 waterproof level ABS shell
  • In-built smart motion sensor
  • Remote brightness control
  • Includes a mounting bracket
  • Suitable for various activities
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Kalkal Green Hog Light is the ultimate game-changer for your nighttime hunting adventures!

Hog Light Features

Kalkal solar green lights for hog hunting have an advanced design with built-in 270pcs premium LED beads, which provide an impressive broad range of 500-800 square feet for irradiation and ensure an increased hog hunting success rate like never before.

Durable & Long-Lasting Battery - These hog lights come equipped with a powerful built-in 12,000 mAh battery that lasts a remarkable 12 hours, from dusk to dawn. We have green and red light options that make spotting your prey a breeze, effectively illuminating wild hogs and other animals with dark fur.

Waterproof Solar Charging - We understand the challenges of long-term outdoor use, so the solar panels are equipped with an extra rainproof injection molding gluing process along the edges and an ABS shell waterproof level up to IP65. This effectively safeguards the hog hunting green light from the impacts of harsh weather. Plus, it can lower your expensive annual electricity bills.

Motion Sensor&Romote Control - It is extremely convenient to use with the smart motion sensor technology integrated into our hog feeder light. It instantly detects object movement and increases lighting brightness by 100%. When there are no animals around, the light stays 30% brighter. Additionally, you can take control of your lighting hours effortlessly with the remote control feature - within 32 feet.

Versatile Usages - This solar green hog light is versatile and perfect for various activities such as farm protection, wildlife hunting, dock fishing, and more. With a remarkable battery life of 50,000 hours, hogs in all seasons will fear this green hunting light designed by us and protect the farmland from being destroyed.

*The package will cover everything you need and is ready for action, including a 15-inch mounting bracket and ‎2 Lithium Ion batteries.

Is Red or Green Light Better For Hog Hunting?

When choosing the best light for hog hunting, it is important to consider the specific environment where you will be hunting.

When hunting in open areas or fields, using red hog lights can give you an edge in visibility by not startling hogs while still offering sufficient illumination.

However, green lights may be more efficient in dense, wooded areas with naturally restricted visibility. The green color penetrates these environments more effectively, offering increased contrast and visibility, making it a perfect option for these terrains.

Therefore, your choice between red and green will mainly depend on the environment where you hunt.

kalkal hog light hunting light


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Additional information

Weight 6.69 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 14.65 × 4.05 in


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