Hello, Colorado comrades in hunting! Who is prepared for some elk activities in the following couple of months? As lovers of hunting, more and more hunters have eagerly participated in the Elk Seasons in Colorado.

Understanding the correct timing and guidelines is equally crucial. Make sure to pay attention to this page, as we are going to discuss the dates and regulations for the upcoming Colorado Elk Season in 2024.

Colorado Elk Season

Archery Season: Sept. 2–30, 2024

Muzzleloader Season: Sept. 14–22, 2024

First Rifle Season: Oct. 12–16, 2024

Second Rifle Season: Oct. 26–Nov. 3, 2024

Third Rifle Season: Nov. 9–15, 2024

Fourth Rifle Season: Nov. 20–24, 2024

The Colorado Elk Seasons last for 4 months, which offers many great opportunities for hunters to enjoy the hunt and connect with nature.

In addition to Elk, you can also hunt white-tailed deer and moose. Here are the season dates that allow you to make additional hunt plans:

Archery Season Deer/Moose Sept. 2–30
Plains deer Oct. 1–25
Nov. 6–30
Dec. 15–31
Whitetail-only Oct. 1-25
Nov. 6-30
Dec. 15-31
Muzzleloader Season Deer/Moose Sept. 14–22
Whitetail-only Oct. 12-20
Rifle Moose Oct. 1–14
Separate limited elk (1st season) Oct. 12-16
Combined deer/elk (2nd season) Oct. 26-Nov. 3
Combined deer/elk ​(3rd season) Nov. 9–15
Combined limited deer/elk (4th season) Nov. 20–24
Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)​​ Oct. 26–Nov. 5
Late plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Dec. 1–14
Whitetail-only (limited) Oct. 26-Nov. 5
Late Whitetail-only (limited) Dec. 1-14

Colorado Big Game Draw

To buy a hunting license in Colorado, hunters will need to apply for the big game drawing first to get the qualification.

The drawing is the exclusive method to obtain licenses for Archery, Muzzleloader, 1st Rifle Elk, Cow Elk, and all Deer seasons.

The deadline for the first drawing application is April 2, 2024. And the deadline for the second drawing is June 28, 2024.

Hurry up if you haven’t made any move.

*Note: The elk licenses for the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons are still accessible without a need for a draw and can be bought online or over the counter.

Before applying for any big game species, you will need to make sure that you have a 2024 "qualifying license."

What Are Qualifying Licenses?

The following are the licenses you need to hold:

  • 2024 resident or nonresident spring turkey license
  • 2024 annual resident or nonresident small game license
  • 2024 annual resident combination small game/fishing license
  • 2024 annual resident senior small game license
  • 2024 annual resident senior combination small game/fishing license
  • lifetime resident VA combination small game/fishing license
  • lifetime resident first responder combination small game/fishing license

You will need to create a customer account on the official website if you don’t have one. Click the button below to start applying for your Elk hunting in Colorado.

Apply Now

Colorado Elk Hunting Licenses

Elk License Types Fees
Resident cow, bull or either sex $66.12
Resident youth $18.45
Nonresident cow/fishing combo $803.39
Nonresident bull or either sex/fishing combo $803.39
Nonresident youth/fishing combo $122.91


License Types Deer Moose
Resident $47.91 $366.13
Resident youth $18.45 /
Nonresident adult/fishing combo $481.52 $2,686.04
Nonresident youth/fishing combo $122.91 /

How to Buy a Colorado Hunting License?

There are 3 ways to purchase a hunting license in Colorado. Here is how to do it:

  1. Purchase at a Retail Location: Check for hundreds of licensed retailers or a region office and buy your license in person.
  2. Purchase by Phone: You can call 1-800-244-5613 to make a purchase.​
  3. Purchase Online: Buy a license online or through Colorado’s official mobile app - ‘‘myColorado’’.

By following the above ways, you can easily get any hunting license at hand.

In addition to the hunting licenses, you may need some hunting stamps.

Hunters between the ages of 18 and 64 are required to purchase a Habitat Stamp before obtaining a hunting license or applying for the drawing.

Only one Habitat Stamp needs to be purchased by the individual hunter for the entire season.

Limited License Draw Application Processing Fee $ 8.00 residents
$ 10.00 nonresidents
Habitat Stamp $ 12.15
Lifetime Habitat Stamp $ 364.63

* There is no Habitat Stamp required for disabled hunters.

Colorado Elk Season Regulations

The following are the top 10 common rules that you need to know while hunting in Colorado:

  1. It's illegal to go onto private lands for hunting or to pursue wounded wildlife without permission, even if the boundaries are not clearly marked.
  2. It's illegal to hunt outside the legal hunting hours(one-half hour before sunrise and after sunset).
  3. Hunters must wear at least 500 square inches of fluorescent orange or pink outer garments and hats while hunting big games like Elk.
  4. You must properly dress, care for, and prepare the edible portions of the animal for human consumption, which includes the four quarters, tenderloins, and backstraps.
  5. It is mandatory to possess a valid Colorado resident or nonresident license with a Customer Identification (CID) number, authorizing you to harvest specific species.
  6. Accidentally killing big-game animals should be reported to CPW or the local Sheriff's office. It does not count towards bag limits if not due to negligence.
  7. Evidence of sex (head, vulva, or scrotum) must remain naturally attached to the carcass.
  8. During certain seasons, firearms, such as muzzleloaders without caps or primers and firearms, must be unloaded when transporting on an OHV vehicle.
  9. Carcass tags should be signed and detached from the hunting license immediately after harvesting an animal, and properly attached to the animal.
  10. Make it at least 50 feet away from the centerline of a public road when firing a firearm, bow, or crossbow.

Besides knowing the rules, hunters should also know what kinds of legal methods to hunt elk in Colorado.

Center Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun Muzzleloaders .40T0 .49 Caliber Muzzleloaders .50 Caliber Or Larger Hand-held Bows Crossbows
Elk Archery Season NO NO NO YES NO
Elk Muzzleloader Season NO NO YES NO NO
Elk Rifle Season YES NO YES YES YES


Now, all the important dates and regulations have been provided and you can start to well well-prepared for the Colorado Elk Season 2024.

Don't forget that hunting elk is more than just a hobby; it involves honoring the sport, the natural environment, and the magnificent animals that inhabit it.

Therefore, make sure to mark those dates on your calendar, abide by the rules, and happy hunting to everyone. Remember to share your wonderful hunting experiences with us.

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