Do you dream of landing that trophy fish but feel lost at sea when it comes to tackle, techniques, and prime locations? You're not alone! Many anglers, from beginners to seasoned veterans, crave knowledge to elevate their fishing game. But who has the time to scour endless resources? We unveil the top 20 fishing TV shows, combining education and entertainment. Explore reality shows, meet fishing stars, and learn valuable techniques to transform your next trip.

20 Useful Fishing TV Shows For Learning

1. Deadliest Catch

Debuting in 2005 on the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch is a reality TV series that plunges viewers into the perilous world of crab fishing in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska. It follows the crews of several fishing vessels as they race against time and quotas to catch king crab and snow crab during the unforgiving Alaskan winter.

These fishermen brave brutal weather, perilous seas, and dangerous equipment to bring in a lucrative but fleeting harvest, while the show itself emphasizes the inherent dangers of the job, the fierce competition among captains, the specialized skills required to navigate the treacherous waters, and the challenges of living and working in close quarters for extended periods.

Deadliest Catch offers a realistic look at the commercial fishing industry, highlighting the physical demands, mental strain, and importance of safety procedures and teamwork.

Where to watch: Discovery Channel

Crab Fishing Episodes of Deadliest Catch

2. Wicked Tuna

Premiering in 2012 on National Geographic, Wicked Tuna dives into the competitive world of commercial bluefin tuna fishing in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  It showcases the intense rivalry among captains vying for the most and biggest catches, the specialized techniques and challenges of battling massive fish and unpredictable weather, and the unique camaraderie among this cast of colorful characters.

Viewers learn about the demanding life of a commercial fisherman, the economic pressures of the industry, and the importance of sustainable fishing practices, all within the dramatic backdrop of this high-stakes competition.

Where to watch: National Geographic

3. River Monsters

It is hosted by the charismatic Jeremy Wade, this fishing show takes viewers on a global adventure to track down and catch legendary and mysterious freshwater fish. Wade uses his scientific expertise and fishing skills to unravel the secrets of these elusive creatures. You can learn about exotic fish species, different fishing techniques for various environments, and the importance of conservation.

Where to watch: Animal Planet

4. Fish or Die

This show features four highly skilled anglers who travel the world to fish in some of the most extreme and dangerous locations. From alligator-infested swamps to war-torn countries, these guys put their fishing skills and courage to the test. You can learn about exotic fishing destinations, extreme fishing techniques, and the importance of perseverance.

Where to watch: Discovery UK

5. Chasing Monsters

This show follows professional fishermen as they target giant fish species like marlin, swordfish, and yellowfin tuna. The show uses cutting-edge technology and underwater cameras to capture the incredible power and beauty of these creatures. You can learn about giant fish species, big game fishing gear and techniques, and the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

Where to watch: IMDB and Net Geo Wild

6. Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing

The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing YouTube channel is a great place for those who are interested in learning fly fishing and want to master the basics of this thrilling fishing technique. Presented by well-known fisherman and writer Tom Rosenbauer, the show is to clarify everything about fly fishing and enable anglers of any age and expertise level to participate.

If you are brand new to fly fishing or a skilled angler wanting to enhance your skills, this channel offers easy-to-follow guidance on topics like choosing gear, casting techniques, presenting flies, and understanding water conditions. The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing concentrates on teaching fundamental basics at the 101 level, providing viewers with the necessary tools and knowledge to begin their journey in the sport.

Where to watch: Orvis website or Youtube

Orvis Fishing Guide-Youtube

7.  Mr. Fish

Luke Nguyen, a celebrity chef, isn't just a master of the kitchen. This YouTube series dives into the world of catching fish, exploring international fishing techniques to find hidden gems of the underwater world. But Mr. Fish doesn't stop there. Learn about new fish species and how to cook seafood like a pro as Luke Nguyen transforms his fresh catches into delicious dishes, making this a must-watch for anyone who loves food and fishing.

Where to watch: YouTube

8. Marc Frazier Series

Marc Frazier is a popular fishing YouTuber who doesn't discriminate when it comes to casting a line. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, his channel is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and tutorials. Mark covers everything from the thrill of kayak fishing to the finesse of bass fishing, offering valuable knowledge for all skill levels. So, grab your rod and reel, and get ready to learn from the best with Mark Frazier Outdoors.

Where to watch:  Bassmaster YouTube Channel

9. Anglers Choice Fishing Safari's

Anglers Choice Fishing Safaris offers everything you need for a complete fishing and getaway experience all in one spot. Northern Territory fishing charters that we offer for Dundee Beach are; Barra fishing, sport fishing, as well as, reef fishing. Welcome to Angler’s Choice Beach House we are your home away from home you will love not only the NT Fishing but the true top-end hospitality that we offer to you.

Where to watch: YouTube

10. Anglers

ANGLERS is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of bass fishing, particularly kayak bass fishing.  They cater to anglers of all experience levels, offering a variety of content including bass fishing tips and techniques, reports on bass fishing conditions, exciting bass fishing tournament coverage, kayak fishing tips including gear recommendations, rigging techniques, and safety advice, and honest reviews of the latest fishing rods, reels, lures, and other equipment to help you decide what's best for your needs.

Where to watch: YouTube

learn fishing with fising tv hows

11. Saltwater Experience

Captain Mike Roy takes viewers on saltwater fishing adventures in Florida and the Bahamas, but Saltwater Experience offers more than just catching fish. Captain Mike is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to saltwater fishing. He shares his expertise on offshore fishing techniques, teaching viewers how to troll for aquatic species, drift fish for bottom dwellers, and jig for aggressive predators.

Captain Mike doesn't just focus on catching fish, he emphasizes the importance of conservation. He educates viewers on responsible fishing practices, such as proper catch and release techniques and respecting size limits. So, whether you're a seasoned angler or a curious newcomer, Saltwater Experience offers entertainment, education, and a reminder of the importance of protecting our precious marine resources.

Where to watch: YouTube

12. KVD Fishing

Kevin VanDam is a legendary professional bass fisherman, and his reputation precedes him. But KVD Fishing (YouTube) is not just about showcasing the skills of a champion angler. Kevin generously shares his knowledge and experience, making this channel a valuable resource for bass fishermen of all skill levels.

He delves into the intricacies of bass fishing techniques, demonstrating how to use a variety of lures and baits effectively. He also provides insights on tackle selection, guiding viewers in choosing the right rods, reels, and lines for different situations.

Most importantly, KVD Fishing teaches viewers how to think like a champion angler. Kevin reveals his thought process when approaching a body of water, helping viewers understand how to identify productive areas, strategize lure selection, and adapt to changing conditions. With KVD Fishing Show, you can learn from the best and elevate your own bass fishing game.

Where to watch: YouTube

13. Roland Martin Outdoor

Bass fishing legend Roland Martin isn't just another guy showing off his catches. This YouTube channel is a masterclass in bass fishing, led by one of the greatest anglers of all time. Roland Martin doesn't just share his catches, he shares his wisdom.

He dives deep into proven techniques that have earned him countless victories, demonstrating how to use lures effectively, read different bodies of water, and adapt to changing conditions. Whether you're a seasoned bass fisherman or a beginner, Fishing & Boating with Roland Martin offers invaluable insights that can help you elevate your game and experience the thrill of catching lunker bass.

Where to watch: YouTube

14. The Fishin' Hole

The Fishin' Hole isn't your average fishing show. This program offers a smorgasbord of fishing content, catering to anglers of all experience levels. From bite-sized tips and techniques that you can put into practice on your next fishing trip to nail-biting coverage of exciting fishing tournaments, The Fishin' Hole has something for everyone.

It's a one-stop shop for honing your skills, discovering new approaches, and living vicariously through the triumphs of professional anglers. So, grab a seat, cast a virtual line, and get ready to be entertained, educated, and inspired by The Fishin' Hole.

Where to watch: Outdoor Channel

15. Flats Class

Buckle up for an unforgettable fishing adventure in the Florida Keys with Flats Class. This show isn't just about catching fish, it's about learning from the legendary flats guide Flip Floppin' Kenny. Kenny takes celebrity anglers on guided excursions, showcasing his expertise in flats fishing techniques for bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

But Flats Class goes beyond just the how-to. The show also delves into the unique ecosystem of the Florida Keys, highlighting the delicate balance between fishing and conservation. So, whether you're a fishing enthusiast or simply enjoy captivating wildlife documentaries, Flats Class offers a thrilling and educational journey into the heart of the Florida Keys.

Where to watch: Youtube

16. Midwest Outdoors

Focusing on the diverse fisheries of the Midwestern United States, Midwest Fisherman offers something for every angler in the region. Join expert guides as they explore lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, sharing their knowledge and techniques for catching popular fish species like walleye, muskie, and crappie. If you want to learn more about how to fish, you'll find valuable tips and inspiration for your next Midwest fishing adventure.

Where to watch: Magellan TV

midwest outdoors fishing

17. Fishing & Hunting with Jimmy Houston

Join the ever-enthusiastic Jimmy Houston on exciting fishing adventures across North America.  Jimmy's infectious passion for the outdoors and his down-to-earth approach make him a relatable guide for viewers of all experience levels. Learn valuable techniques for catching a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species, from bass and walleye to redfish and tarpon.

Where to watch: Outdoor Channel

18. Monster Fish

Gear up for adrenaline-pumping action as Monster Fish takes you on a global quest for some of the most fascinating and ferocious fish on the planet. Witness skilled anglers battle colossal catfish in the Amazon, chase elusive arapaima in the flooded forests of South America, and encounter other aquatic giants. This show is a thrilling exploration of the power and diversity of fish species. Watch encounters with monster fish.

Where to watch: National Geographic

19. The Next Bite

This show isn't just about catching fish, it's about the entire fishing experience. Join passionate anglers as they explore diverse fisheries around the world, from the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas to the remote Alaskan wilderness. Learn new techniques, discover hidden gems, and be entertained by the camaraderie and competitive spirit.

Where to watch: World Fishing Network

20. Bill Dance Outdoors

Hosted by the legendary Bill Dance, this show is a haven for both beginner and experienced anglers. Bill shares his knowledge and techniques for catching a variety of freshwater fish species, particularly smallmouth and largemouth bass. You'll learn valuable tips on everything from lure selection to boat positioning.

Where to watch: YouTube and Discovery Channel

How To Get The Most Of Fishing Shows?

Watching fishing shows can be both entertaining and useful. Here is how we can get the most out of them:

  1. Acquire Skills and Strategies: Numerous shows offer advice on various fishing methods and tactics. Notice how the hosts throw their fishing lines, the type of bait or lure they are using, and their response when they catch a fish.
  2. Understand Fish Behavior: These shows frequently invite fishing pros to provide information on the behavior of fish in different situations. This information could prove useful while you're actually in the water.
  3. Explore New Places: Fishing guides take you to various locations that you don't know, giving you ideas for your future fishing expeditions.
  4. Equipment Reviews: These shows often include real reviews of fishing gear and equipment. You can stay updated on the latest advancements in fishing gear technology and purchase the quality ones that will enhance your fishing experience.
  5. Learn About Conservation: Some fishing guides will highlight the significance of fish conservation. By checking out these videos, you will gain knowledge about catch-and-release techniques, the significance of observing fishing seasons, and actions that can preserve fishing resources.
  6. Get Involved: Get to know more about fishing by joining their online forums and communities. You could get more advice and perspectives, along with a chance to interact with other fishermen who are interested in the same channels.


This list offers 20 incredible fishing shows to educate and entertain. We've got you covered with all things about fishing gear, techniques, and locations.

Dive into the drama of competitive tuna fishing, explore the world for exotic species, or learn expert tips from legends. You'll not only discover new techniques but appreciate the importance of conservation. With so much to choose from, grab your rod, turn on your favorite show, and get ready to hook into a new fishing adventure!

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