Hey there! Are you ready to go on an exciting adventure in the stunning wilderness of Alaska? It is a treasured place where you can hunt a lot of big games and small games like Sitka black-tailed deer, mule deer, bear, goat, and furbearer.

The time for hunting season in 2024 is almost here! We're excited to share all the important information you need to know about the dates and rules.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or preparing for your first trip, we've got you covered! Let’s find out how to apply, where to hunt and what are the limited season dates that you can hunt in Alaska with the following post.

When Does Hunting Season Start In Alaska?

Most of the Alaska hunting seasons start in August and September and end in December. For some late hunting, the seasons may last till February of the next year.

If you're planning to hunt in Alaska, make sure you're up to date on the hunting schedules. It's important to know when to get your licenses and tags, and when to start planning your trips.

Here is a simple schedule for what you should do to prepare for Alaska hunting:

  • January - February: Check the drawing result and see if you win the lottery for hunting tags.
  • March - April: Know the upcoming hunting seasons in Spring and learn the new regulations.
  • June - July: Receive your hunting license and harvest tickets.
  • August - September: Prepare your licenses and tags for the big game seasons in the Fall, like deer.
  • October - November: Continue your hunt for other big game species, like moose, goats.
  • December: Apply for the drawing for the permits for next year.

Alaska Bear Seasons

You can hunt black beer, brown beer, and grizzly bears in Alaska. The season dates and bag limits vary for different species. Here is the breakdown of the beer seasons:

Black Bear

Zone Date Limit
1(resident only) Sept 1-June 30 2
1C(nonresident only) 1
1A,1B,1C, 1D(nonresident) 1
2(resident only) Sept 1-June 30 2
2(nonresident only) Sept 1-June 30 1
Sept 1-Dec 31 1
Jan 1-June 30 1
3 Sept 1-June 30 2(resident)


Brown/Grizzly Bear

Zone Date Limit
1A, 1B, 1C Mar 15-May 31 and Sept 15-Dec 31 1
1C 1
1D 1
3(resident) Sept 15-Dec 31 1
3(nonresident Sept 15-Dec 31 1
4* Sept 15-Dec 31 1
Mar 15-May 31 1
4 Mar 15-May 20 1
Sept 15-Dec 3 1

⚠* (outside drainages) Chichagof Island south and west of a line that follows the crest of the island from Rock Point (58° N. lat., 136°21’ W. long.), to Rodgers Point (57°35’ N. lat., 135°33’ W. long.) including Yakobi and other adjacent islands; Baranof Island south and west of a line that follows the crest of the island from Nismeni Point (57°34’ N. lat.,135°25’ W. long), to the entrance of Gut Bay (56°44’ N. lat.,134°38’ W. long), including the drainages into Gut Bay, and including Kruzof and other adjacent islands.

Alaska Deer Seasons

The deer season lasts about 5 months.  From August to December, hunters have plenty of time to adequately prepare for the exciting big game hunt.

Keep in mind that the season dates and bag limits are different in different hunting zones.

Zone 1A(Cleveland Peninsula south of the divide between Yes Bay and Santa Anna Inlet): Aug 1-Nov 30, limit is 2 bucks.

Zone 1A(remaining areas): Aug 1 - Dec 31, the limit is 4 bucks.

Zone 1B: Aug 1 - Dec 31. The limit is 2 bucks.

Zone 1C(Douglas Island, Lincoln, Shelter, and Sullivan Islands):

  • Aug 1 - Sept 14 ( bucks only)
  • Sept 15 - Dec 31 ( any deer)
  • The limit is 4 deer in total

Zone 1D: the season is closed.

Zone 2:  Aug 1-Dec 31, the limit is 2 bucks.

Zone 3:

  • Aug 1-Dec 15 ( limit 2 deer)
  • Oct 1-Nov 7 (residents only, limit 1 deer)
  • Oct 15-Oct 31 (nonresidents only, limit 1 deer)

Zone 4(Chichagof Island east of Port Frederick and north of Tenakee Inlet):

  • Aug 1-Sept 14 and Sept 15-Dec 31. Three deer in total. For the remaining areas, the limit is 6 deer in total in these 2 seasons.
  • Aug 1-Dec 31, the limit is 2 bucks.

Zone 5(Youth Hunt Only): Oct 15-Oct 31 and Nov 1-Nov 30. One buck is limited.

Zone 6: Aug 1-Sept 30 and Oct 1-Dec 31. The total limit for residents is 5 deer and for nonresidents is 4 deer.

Zone 8: (Kodiak Road System Management Area):

  • Aug 1-Oct 31
  • Nov 1-Nov 14 (bow and arrow, crossbow, or muzzleloader only)
  • Nov 16-Dec 31 (Youth hunt only )
  • The limit for these 3 seasons is one deer.

Zone 8(remaining areas):

  • Aug 1-Sept 30 (buck only)
  • Oct 1-Dec 31( any deer)
  • Aug 1-Dec 31 (buck only)
  • The limit for the first two seasons is 3 deer in total, and one deer for the third season.

Alaska Elk Seasons

Zone Date Limit
3* Sept 1-Sept 30 1 bull
Oct 1-Oct 15 1 bull
Oct 16-Oct 31 1 bull
3 Nov 15-Nov 30 1 bull

⚠*Etolin Island area bounded by a line beginning at the intersection of Stikine Strait and Clarence Strait, running southeast following the midline of Clarence Strait, down to its intersection with Ernest Sound, then northeast following the midline of Ernest Sound, excluding Niblack Islands, to its intersection with Zimovia Strait, then northwest following the western shoreline of Zimovia Strait to its intersection with Chichagof Passage, then west along the midline of Chichagof Passage to its intersection with Stikine Strait, then southwest along the midline of Stikine Strait back to the point of beginning.

Alaska Goat Seasons

Zone Date Limit
1A Aug 15-Dec 31 1 goat
1A, 1B Aug 1-Dec 31 1 billy
1B Aug 1-Dec 31 1 goat
1A Aug 1-Dec 31 2 goat(resident)
1 goat(nonresident)
1B Aug 1-Dec 31 1 goat
1C Oct 1-Nov 30 1 goat
1C Aug 1-Nov 30 1 goat
1C Aug 1-Nov 30(resident) Sept 1-Nov 30(nonresident) 1 goat
1C Aug 1-Nov 30 1 goat
1D Sept 15-Nov 30 1 goat(resident)/1 billy(nonresident)
1D 1 goat(resident)/1 billy(nonresident)
4 Aug 1-Dec 31 1 goat

Alaska Moose Seasons

Zone 1A, 1B, and 1C: Sept 15-Oct 15

Zone 1D: Sept 15-Oct 7

Zone 3:  Sept 15-Oct 15

The limit for each season is 1 bull.

Alaska Wolf Hunting Seasons

Zone Date Limit
1A,1B Aug 1-May 31 5
1B,C,D Aug 1-Apr 30 5
2 Sept 1-Mar 31 5
3 Aug 1-May 31 5
4 Aug 1-Apr 30 5

Alaska Wolverine Hunting Seasons

Zone Date Limit
1 Sept 1-Feb 15 1
2 Sept 1-Feb 15 1
3 Sept 1-Feb 15 1
4 Sept 1-Feb 15 1

Alaska Turkey Seasons

You can hunt wild turkey from Unit 1 to Unit 26 in Alaska. There is no limit and no closed seasons.

Above we have listed some hunting seasons that are opening in Alaska. The season dates of each zone are different.

There are various hunting seasons in Alaska, hunters can check the attached file and find the open seasons for a total of 26 units Here: 2024 Alaska Hunting Seasons and Regulations.

Alaska Hunting Units

Alaska Hunting Unit Map

There are 5 regions that contain 26 hunting units in Alaska. During the opening season, hunters can only hunt specific species on different management units. And the season dates may also vary in different units.

Region 1 - Southeast: Units 1-5

Region 2 - Southcentral: Units 6-8, 14C, and 15

Region 3 - Interior and Northeast: Units 12, 19-21, 24, 25, 26B, and 26C

Region 4 - Central/Southwestern: Units 9-11, 13, 14A, 14B, 16, and 17

Region 5 - Northwest and Western: Units 18, 22, 23, and 26A

Alaska Hunting License&Permits

If you are a resident of Alaska, here are the requirements and fees for resident hunting licenses:

Age Group License Requirement
17 or under No license required
18-59 License required
60 or over Free permanent ID


Resident License Type Fee
Hunting $45
Trapping $25
Hunting/Trapping $65
Hunting/Sport Fishing $60
Hunting/Trapping/Sport Fishing $85
Low-income $5
Waterfowl Stamp $10
Resident military Free

For non-residents, the costs for hunting licenses will be more expensive. Here is the details:

Non-Resident License Type Fee
Small Game* Hunting $60
Hunting (All Game) $160
Hunting and Trapping $405
Alien Hunting $630
Waterfowl Stamp $10
Non-resident military $45


  1. Some residents must have a locking tag to hunt specific big games such as brown/grizzly bears, and muskox in certain areas.
  2. To hunt in Alaska, you'll need to buy a hunting license and locking tag from a licensed vendor or online. The license and locking tag are only valid for the current calendar year.
Resident Locking-Tag Fees Game Fee
Brown/Grizzly Bear $25
Muskox Nonsubsistence Hunts - Unit 18 and 26B Drawing: $500, Registration: $25
Muskox Nonsubsistence Hunts - Unit 21D and 24D Drawing: $500
Non-Resident Locking-Tag Fees Black Bear $450
Brown/Grizzly Bear* $1,000
Bison $900
Caribou $650
Dall Sheep* $850
Deer $300
Elk $600
Moose $800
Mountain Goat* $600
Muskox $2,200
Wolf $60
Wolverine $350

Alaska Drawing

To hunt in Alaska, you must first apply for the drawing. It is a lottery system that is used to allocate these hunting opportunities, giving lucky people the chance to hunt different animal species.

The drawing is available for both residents and non-residents.

The application period for Draw Hunts is November 1, 8am – December 15, 5pm (AKST).

Here is the step on how to apply for it:

  1. Check the current Draw Hunt Supplement for your hunt numbers.
  2. You'll need to buy a valid Alaska big game hunting license. Some nonresident hunts require a Guide-Client Contract.
  3. Submit your application online between November 1st and December 15th at 5pm AKST.

Every year, the winners of the drawing application process will be announced on the third Friday in February. The successful applicants will either receive their permit or a letter from the area biologist.

* It costs $5 or $10 for each drawing based on the game species you want to hunt.

Alaska  General Hunting Restrictions

  1. Hunters must report their harvest to ADF&D, regardless of whether they successfully hunt any game or not.
  2. Hunters must have their permit tickets with them while hunting. The licenses cannot be transferred to other hunters.
  3. It is not allowed to buy or sell game meat, except for hares.
  4. Hunters may not use a firearm other than a shotgun, muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol with a center-firing cartridge to hunt big game animals.
  5. When hunting big game, hunters cannot use a muzzeloader equipped with a scope, or a muzzeloader utilizing smokeless powder as the ammunition charge.
  6. Do not use a crossbow with a peak draw weight less than 100 pounds for hunting big game.
  7. It is prohibited to use scopes, lights, or any electronic devices to improve vision on the bow or arrow.
  8. Cannot use electronic calls for moose hunting.
  9. Cannot hunt large games with dogs, except when dogs are being used to hunt black bears with a permit from ADF&G.
  10. It is required to wear hunting orange clothing such as a vest or jacket.


We've got a brief overview of Alaska's 2024 hunting seasons for you! Check it out and get ready for an exciting adventure! Just remember, hunting isn't just about the thrill – it's about respecting nature and following the rules.

So prepare for your gear, plan ahead, and make another unforgettable experience in Alaska's vast wilderness! Happy hunting!

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