In Alaska's vast wilderness, moose hunting is a cherished tradition that has been passed down through generations. In answer to the commonly asked question, "Can you hunt moose in Alaska?," the clear reply is definitely ‘‘Yes’’.

Nevertheless, in order to maintain the ecological balance of the species and the region, there are some regulations that hunters need to follow. Now, let’s start to see how you can DIY your moose hunting trip in Alaska.

Moose Hunting Season In Alaska

Alaskan moose hunting rules continuously changed based on the status of the wildlife population.

However, the moose hunting season in Alaska usually starts in late August and ends in mid-September.

The exact dates might differ slightly in various regions within the state. The details about the moose hunting season are typically announced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) as part of their hunting regulations.

In 2024, the Alaska Moose hunting season for residents starts on August 24th and 28th and again from September 8th to 17th, one bull moose can be hunted without any restrictions.

For non-residents, the season is on September 8–17. And the bag limit is one bull moose with 50-inch antlers or antlers with 4 or more brow tines.

Moose Season Summary:


  • 1–Mar. 15(extra season)
  • August 24 - 28
  • September 8 -17


  • September 8–17

Types of Moose In Alaska

In the wilderness of Alaska, you can find the Alaskan-Yukon Moose. These moose are the largest in the world. They are known for their massive size and mature male moose often can weigh over 1,600 pounds!

Their majestic antlers can span 4 to 6 feet wide. This adds to the appeal for hunters.

Alaska is an ideal habitat for moose. These giant animals have flourished in Alaska because of the subarctic weather and plentiful plant life in this state.

Hunting moose is not just a pastime, but also a crucial part of the area's economy and community.

Moose Hunting Regulations and Restrictions

For moose hunting, Alaska has set up some regulations to ensure sustainable and ethical hunting practices. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules first.

Alaska has a hunting drawing for big games. If you want to hunt moose, you will need to submit an application. The results will be announced two months later and you will be able to hunt moose if you are lucky enough to be selected in the draw.

All hunters, residents, and non-residents, need to acquire an appropriate hunting license, permit or moose locking-tag.

The license for residents costs $45 and $160 for non-residents. However, the locking-tag is only required for non-residents and it costs $800.

Additionally, rules specify bag limits for each hunter are only one bull moose per hunting season.

Remember that no electronic calls can be used to hunt moose.

After a successful harvest, hunters need to report their kills to the Fish and Game office or file a report online at

To find out more, hunters should carefully read the yearly hunting guidelines released by ADFG or seek advice from local wildlife organizations.

How To DIY Your Moose Hunting In Alaska?

It would be easier for you to hunt in Alaska if you hire an outfitter or a guide. But indeed, you can DIY your own hunting trip with our tips easily.

Hunt In Group

Hunting in Alaska is a challenging task that needs cooperation with others. It is suggested to start with a multiple of hunters, ideally two or four.

Hold a few meetings before the trip is important for working together to plan and share responsibilities for the hunt.

Decide In Details

Before continuing with your plans, you need to choose where you will hunt. You can scout the hunting area in advance or find a service that can take you to your desired destination.

After finding a spot to hunt and arranging transportation, you can start planning how to get from your starting point to the hunting counties in reverse order.

Familiar With The Rules

Understanding the state’s hunting regulations, including the rules, season dates, bag limits, and approved hunting methods among various hunting units is important. Before you go out, make sure you understand these rules to ensure that your hunt is legal and secure.

Be Flexible With A Plan

What’s more, make sure to cover all the small things in your hunting plan, such as organizing accommodations, wrapping meat, and bringing necessary hunting equipment.

Learn the weather prediction for each day and make plans according to it. Make sure your plans can easily adapt to the effects of bad weather on travel or hunting spots. Ensuring thoroughness from the beginning is crucial for a successful hunting experience.


Thanks to its beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, Alaska is truly a paradise for those who hunt moose. Hunting such a magnificent animal demands patience, expertise, understanding, and deep respect for the environment.

Always keep in mind that the main goal should always be to engage in ethical hunting and wildlife conservation efforts. Wish you a happy hunt in Alaska.

In addition to moose hunting, Alaska offers many opportunities for other big games and small games. Here you can check the Alaska Hunting Seasons 2024: Dates And Regulations.

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