Whenever you use boots, you will always come across various issues that will need to be resolved. Here is a list of some of the most common issues people come across when it comes to wearing deck boots, along with their corresponding solutions.

Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much Inside Deck Boots?

Foot sweating is one of the most common problems that people encounter. This can be extremely uncomfortable, and it can even be embarrassing as well. But why do our feet sweat so much inside boots?

Feet with high sweat gland density

First and foremost, we have to recognize that our feet have a high concentration of sweat glands, which means that they naturally produce more sweat than other parts of the body.

Lack of ventilation

Moreover, the lack of ventilation in boots can also contribute to the additional sweating of our feet.

Therefore, when it comes to deck boots, you should always opt for breathable ones. A tight-fitting boot can also cause our feet to rub against the material, causing friction between the material and our skin, thus, producing more sweat.

Wrong kind of socks and footwear

It is also important to remember that the kind of socks and footwear we choose to wear can also contribute to sweaty feet. Our feet can sweat even more when we wear synthetic materials like polyester or nylon that trap moisture and heat.

Wearing breathable socks and shoes made from natural materials like cotton and wool is a good way to prevent sweaty feet. By doing this, you will be able to reduce sweat and odors accumulated on your feet.

A pair of cotton socks
If you have excessive sweating on your feet, it should not be ignored as it can lead to other problems like athlete's foot, fungal infections, and even bad odor on your feet.

Hence, you should learn how to deal with excessive sweating on your feet, and what you can do to prevent your feet from sweating in boots.

Why Do My Feet Go Numb In Winter Boots?

Why do my feet go numb in winter boots? There is a common question asked by many people who suffer from discomfort in their feet while wearing winter boots.

Getting numb in winter boots is largely due to a lack of blood circulation in the feet. In winter, a low body temperature may lead to poor circulation of blood and constriction of blood vessels, resulting in symptoms such as numbness, pain, and purple skin.

Winter boots are designed to provide insulation and keep the feet warm in cold weather conditions. When boots are too tight or do not fit properly, they can restrict blood flow to the feet. This can result in numbness in the feet.

There is also the possibility that if the boots are too loose, they might cause the feet to move around inside the boots, resulting in a reduction of blood flow and numbness inside the feet.

When you buy winter boots, it is important to make sure that they fit correctly and provide adequate insulation without being too tight so that numbness is prevented.

Why Are My New Boots Killing My Ankles?

Whenever you encounter the difficulty of your newly purchased boots killing your ankles, there could be many causes for this discomfort, and several of these reasons will be discussed below.


First and foremost, it's crucial that you make sure that you are buying the right size of boots, as this has a direct effect on whether the boots fit properly or not.

A boot that is too tight or too loose can cause rubbing or pressure against the ankles, which can be uncomfortable and painful. For the correct size, you will need to correctly measure the size of your foot before you make your purchase.


One of the other possible causes of ankle pain could be linked to the material of the boots. If you use poor quality or stiff materials, you will likely experience chafing on your skin, which eventually leads to blisters and soreness.

Choosing boots made from high-quality, soft materials that are comfortable around the ankle area is an essential part of choosing footwear for winter.

Break-in period

Finally, breaking in your new boots gradually is a crucial step you must take in order to make sure your boots are comfortable and fit right. It is not recommended to wear them for longer periods right away, as this may cause discomfort and pain.

You should try wearing them for short periods at first, and gradually extend the time you spend wearing them until they feel comfortable to you.
A fisherman in deck boots is by the river

What Happens If You Wear Wet Winter Boots All Day?

When wearing wet shoes or boots for an extended period of time, there can be a number of health problems that can arise. The moisture from the shoes can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause infections and unpleasant odors.

Blisters and sores

A common problem associated with the wearing of wet footwear is the development of blisters and sores on the feet. When your feet are wet, the moisture and friction between your feet and your socks can cause painful blisters and sores on your feet. The pain may make it difficult to walk and if the infection is severe, you may need medical attention to treat it.

Athlete's foot and trench foot

A wet shoe or boot also increases the chances of getting athlete's foot, a common fungal infection that causes itching, burning, and scaling of the feet. Additionally, a wet shoe can be the cause of trench foot as well, a condition that takes months to heal after being infected.

Foot odor

If you wear wet footwear, you can also cause foot odor, as the moisture from the shoes creates a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. You may be embarrassed by this situation and find it hard to remove the smell from your shoes.

Listed above are some of the most common issues you may have about boots. If you have a problem with any of these issues, you will find solutions here no matter what type of boot you are wearing, whether it is deck boots, hunting boots, gardening boots, or farm boots.

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