Hello, fellow deer hunters! Are you looking forward to deer hunting in Delaware in 2024? With a thriving white-tailed deer population, Delaware is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters.

The state offers a five-month deer season, multiple hunting methods, and even Sunday hunting in public lands.

To prepare for an exhilarating deer season in Delaware's beautiful wilderness, we have summarized the all information about deer seasons along with some rules and limits for your reference.

Hunting seasons in Delaware typically start in September and continue until late January of the next year, with specific seasons determined by different species and hunting methods. Check them out!

Delaware Deer Season

The following are the details of the 2024 deer season for Delaware. Make sure to follow the dates and rules when planning a hunting trip in the state.

Seasons Dates Bag Limits
Archery Sept. 1 - Jan. 31 Antlered deer: only 2 in all seasons

Antlerless deer: no limit

Crossbow Sept. 1 - Jan. 31
Muzzleloader Oct. 6 - 15
Jan. 22 - 28
Shotgun Seasons Nov. 10 - 19
Jan. 13 - 21
Special Antlerless Oct. 1, 16, 20 - 23, 27 - 30
Dec. 9 - 17
Handgun and Straight-walled Pistol-caliber Rifle (closed in zones 1A and 1B) Jan. 6,  8 - 12
Youth and Non-ambulatory Hunt Nov. 4 and 5

Deer Hunting Hours

The legal hunting hour for deer hunting in Delaware is half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset.

Want to know more? Check here: When Is the Best Time to Hunt Deer?

Where to Hunt Deer In Delaware

There are a lot of Delaware state parks to hunt deer but each of them may have its own requirements.

For instance, deer hunting in the following State Parks hunting locations is only allowed with a permit:

  • White Clay Creek State Park
  • Augustine WA
  • Blackbird State Forest
  • Cedar Swamp WA
  • Woodland Beach WA (except the Lighthouse Island tract)
  • Little Creek WA (portions of)
  • Ted Harvey CA
  • Assawoman WA (portions of)

Hunters should contact the specific Park Office for site information. For more details, call 302-739-9220 or visit the website.

Also, there are some general rules that hunters need to be aware of:

  1. Hunting on Sundays is not allowed in Delaware State Parks.
  2. Hunters register with the State Park Hunting Program and purchase a $10 annual hunting permit if they are between 16-64 years old.
  3. Certain firearms are not allowed for deer hunting in the parks: handguns, rifles with straight-walled pistol-caliber ammunition, and Sharps rifles.
  4. Trail cameras and driving deer or using bait are also prohibited in Delaware State Parks.

However, each state park may have its own special rules. Here you can check or download the PDF file for the regulations: Delaware State Parks Hunting Regulations.

Delaware Deer Hunting Regulations

  1. Temporary deer stands, hunting blinds, or cameras that involve placing nails or screws into trees are not permitted.
  2. Non-residents cannot take part in deer drives, and no more than six resident hunters can drive deer simultaneously.
  3. The use of firearms is allowed except in prohibited areas designated by the Division. Target shooting is not allowed at any time.
  4. Baiting for deer hunting is prohibited in Delaware.
  5. Trapping is only permitted with a valid contract or permit.
  6. Dog training is only allowed in specified areas or during the open hunting season for the relevant game.
  7. All hunters need to have a $20 Wildlife Area Deer Stand Blind Lottery Permit when utilizing the stand or blind. These permits are available for purchase by hunting license agents or online at Official Site here.
  8. Any hunter who sets up temporary tree stands or ground blinds in State Wildlife Areas and leaves them overnight must get a free registration number by going to the Division's website or calling the Wildlife Section at (302) 739-9912.

Delaware Hunting Licenses

buy Delaware hunting license online

Delaware has a new ePermitting system — Digital DNREC where you can buy hunting licenses, permits and stamps online easily.

By visiting the system above, you can register an account with an email address and then start to purchase the license. When creating an account, you will need to enter some basic information like residency, birthday and address.

There are resident hunting licenses and nonresident hunting licenses to choose from based on the information and address that you submit upon registering the account. Follow the step and select the license type you want, then pay for it.

The following are the details of the license fees for reference.

Resident Licenses, Permits And Tags Costs
Resident Adult Hunting License (Ages 16-64) $39.50
Resident Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15) $5.00
Resident Guide Hunting License (Age 18+) $159.50
Resident Trapping License (Ages 13-64) $10.00
Resident Fur Dealer License 50
Resident Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp (Age 16+) $15.00
State Wildlife Area Waterfowl Blind and Deer Stand Permit $20.00
Resident Hunter’s Choice and Quality Buck Tag combination $20.00
Each additional Antlerless Deer Tag $20.00


Non-Resident Licenses, Permits And Tags Costs
Non-Resident Adult Hunting License (Age 16+) $199.50
Non-Resident Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15) $50.00
Non-Resident Guide Hunting License (Age 18+) $475.00
State Wildlife Area Waterfowl Blind and Deer Stand Permit $20.00
Non-Resident Trapping License (Age 13+) 75
Non-Resident Fur Dealer License4 $475.00
Non-Resident Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp (Age 16+) $15.00
Non-Resident 3-Day Hunting License (Age 16+) $75.00
Non-Resident Antlered Deer Tag $50.00
Non-Resident Quality Buck Tag $50.00
Each additional Antlerless Deer Tag $20.00

FAQs For Deer Hunting In Delaware

When is deer season in Delaware?

The Delaware deer seasons start in early September and last till late January in the next year.

Can you hunt deer on Sunday in Delaware?

Yes, you can hunt deer on Sunday in Delaware on public lands. But be aware that you CAN’T hunt deer on Sunday in States Parks.

How many deer can you harvest in Delaware?

Only two Antlered deer can be harvested with all combined hunting methods and seasons. With the additional antlerless hunting tags, there is no limit on harvesting Antlerless deer.

How long is deer hunting season in Delaware?

Delaware has one of the longest deer seasons in the US. The deer season lasts almost 5 months from early September to late January.

Can you bait deer in Delaware?

No. It is not allowed to bait deer in hunting in Delaware.

What is a legal buck in Delaware?

A legal buck refers to an antlered deer with a minimum outside spread of 15”.

Do hunters need to wear orange when hunting deer in Delaware?

Yes. When hunting deer in Delaware, hunters must wear no less than 400 square inches of hunter orange on their heads, chests, and backs combined.


To summarize, the Delaware Deer Season provides diverse hunting opportunities for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. The season features a wide range of game options, each with its fees and regulations.

As a hunter, it is important to be compliant with season dates and regulations for a successful and enjoyable hunting experience during the Delaware Deer Season.

If you have anything you want to know about the deer seasons in Delaware, please leave a comment and let us know.

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