When you buy a pair of shoes or boots that you adore very much, but they don't fit quite right, or if they look too big or too small on you, you might feel frustrated. So, what can you do to solve this problem, and how can you make your shoes and boots fit better?

Do not be discouraged, there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure your shoes and your boots fit better. Let's take a look at how you might be able to do this.

Get the Right Size

It is very important to choose the right size for your shoes and boots in order to make sure they fit well. Measure your feet at the end of the day when they are slightly swollen, so you can determine the correct size.

It is also important to take into account the thickness of the socks you plan to wear with the shoes, so it will be necessary to try on the shoes with the socks you intend to wear them with, making sure the fit is the same with and without socks.

There are many issues that can arise from wearing the wrong size shoes, such as blisters, calluses, and even foot pain. A shoe that is too small may cause poor blood flow and cause your toes to curl, whereas a shoe that is too big may cause you to trip and fall because of the increased load on your feet.

Take your time when choosing a pair of shoes. You should walk around in them for a few minutes at the store before making a final decision, making sure there is room for your feet to move around in the front and back of the shoes.

It may be a bit confusing when you're trying to figure out the size of the boot that you need; however, here's a blog that can surely help you: Boots Size Guide.

Adjust the Laces or Straps

Sometimes, the fit of your shoes or boots can be improved simply by adjusting the laces or straps on them. If you find that your shoes are very tight, try loosening the laces or straps on them to reduce the tightness. You might need to tighten them up a bit if they are too loose.

Tighten the laces of your shoes

Stretch Your Shoes

If you have a pair of shoes that are a little too snug, there are a few ways you can stretch them out. You can try a simple solution by filling a plastic bag with water and putting it inside the shoe, and then putting the shoe in the freezer for an overnight period. During the freezing process, the water expands and stretches the shoe.

Alternatively, you can use a shoe stretcher to stretch out the shoes, which is available in many shoe stores and online.

Add Inserts

When your shoes slip off your heels, adding shoe inserts to your shoes may be able to help you resolve this issue. The inserts are designed to provide extra support and cushioning to keep the feet in place.

Also, they function as a means for reducing friction between your foot and the shoe, so that blisters can be prevented. Finally, they can contribute to a more comfortable fit of your shoes.

Visit A Cobbler

If you've tried all of the above steps and your shoes are still not fitting well, you may need to turn to a cobbler for help. You can ask a cobbler to make adjustments to your shoes or boots to help them fit better.

Ultimately, however, it is best to avoid wearing boots that are too big or too small.

A cobbler is adjusting boots

What Happens If Your Boots Are Too Big?


First of all, walking in an oversized pair of boots can be quite uncomfortable, and it can also be quite hazardous. You may find that your feet slide around inside the boots, which can result in blisters, calluses, and other problems on your feet.

This can be especially troublesome if you need to walk long distances or stand for a long period of time.

Increased risk of injury

The risk of injury is also increased when you wear boots that are too big. It exists a possibility that you may trip and fall if your feet slide around inside your boots.

Other health problems

Wearing boots that are too large is not only uncomfortable, but it can also affect the way you walk and your posture. Your feet might slide forward while walking.

If you are not correctly supported on your feet, your body may start compensating for this by shifting your weight to other parts of your body. As a consequence, you may suffer from back pain, knee pain, and other issues.

The End

In daily life, your shoes and boots need to fit well, since they will affect how you move around and how you feel. For good foot health, it is crucial to invest in shoes or boots that are comfortable and fit properly, and Kalkal work boots are a great option for you.

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