Welcome to Kansas, known for its beautiful landscape and deer hunting opportunities. In Kansas wilderness, the dominant deer species are the white-tailed deer and the mule deer. The new Kansas deer seasons are started now and let's get ready for the hunt together!

Learn everything about the deer hunting season with our guide on dates, rules, and licensing details and make your hunting plan in advance.

When Does Deer Season Start In Kansas?

The deer season in Kansas starts in early September and ends in late January of the next year. Each of the seasons may have limits in specific dates and zones. Please check the following chart for clear information on when to plan your deer hunting.

Seasons Zones Dates
Deer Season - Regular Firearm Statewide Sep 7 - 15, 2024
Deer Season - Youth and Disability Statewide Sep 7 - 15, 2024
Deer Season - Archery Statewide Sep 16 - Dec 31, 2024
Deer Season - Muzzleloader Statewide Sep 16 - 29, 2024
Deer Season - Pre-rut Whitetail Anterless-only Statewide - except for Fort Riley Oct 12 - 14, 2024
Deer Extended Season - Firearms Whitetail Antlerless Only Units 6, 8, 9, 10, and 17 Jan 1 - 5, 2025
Units 10A, 12, 13, 15 and 19 only Jan 1 - 19, 2025
Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16 Jan 1 - 12, 2025
Deer Extended Season - Archery Whitetail Antlerless Only DMU 19, 10A (Fort Leavenworth) Jan 20 - 31, 2025

How to Apply to Hunt In Kansas?

For residents, in addition to a hunting license, hunters will need to have a deer permit, too. Residents can directly purchase the permit over the counter, online at www.gooutdoorskansas.com, or by phone(1-833-587-2164).

For non-residents, there is a lottery system(deer draw) that is used to allocate deer permits.

📅Application periods: April 1 - April 26, 2024

In order to hunt deer in Kansas, nonresidents will need to apply for the drawing through the official website or by phone. Once you get selected, you can buy a deer hunting permit.

What if hunters don’t get selected? If you are not chosen, you will receive a preference point for a future drawing.

You can also buy a $27.50 preference point that will be applied toward a deer permit in a future drawing. The more preference points you have, the higher chance you are being selected.


Preference points are kept for 5 years from the last issue or purchase date. If no application or point is purchased within 5 consecutive years, all earned points will be reset to zero.

Kansas Hunting License And Permits

There are various hunting licenses for choosing for resident and nonresidents who want to hunt in Kansas. Note that most licenses expire 365 days from the date of purchase, except for multi-year and lifetime licenses.

For Residents:

License Fee
Lifetime Senior Resident Hunt/Fish Combination $42.50
Senior Resident Hunt $15.00
Senior Resident Combination Hunt/Fish $25.00
Resident Hunt $27.50
Residents under No license required
Resident Combination Hunt & Fish $47.50
Resident Apprentice $27.50
5 Year Resident Combo Hunt & Fish $182.50
5 Year Resident Hunt License $102.50
Multi-Year Resident Youth Hunt (ages 16-20) $42.50
Multi-Year Resident Youth Combination Hunt & Fish (ages 16-20) $72.50
KS Disabled Veterans Free
Kansas Kids Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing License $302.50 (age 5 or younger)
$502.50 (age 6 - 7)
Resident Lifetime Hunting License $502.50
Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Combination License $962.50
Lifetime Furharvester License $502.50

For Nonresidents:

License Fee
Nonresident $127.50
Nonresident under 16 $42.50
Nonresident Apprentice $127.50
Nonresident Combination Hunt & Fish $192.50


Permit Fee
Nonresident Youth White-tailed Deer Permit $117.50
Nonresident White-tailed Deer Permit $477.50
Nonresident Antlerless White-tailed Deer permit $52.50
Nonresident Hunt-Own-Land Deer Permit $87.50
Nonresident Tenant Hunt-Own-Land Deer Permit $87.50

How to buy a hunting license?

There are 3 ways to buy all valid hunting licenses. Check the following:

  1. Buy on the official website: Visit the Kansas licensing system and create an account, then you will be able to purchase any license and permits.
  2. Buy with license agents: Here are all the agents that you can buy licenses from: Locate An Agent.
  3. By phone: You can call 1-833-587-2164 to purchase the licenses on the office.

Where To Hunt Deer In Kansas

There are 18 deer management units that offer hunting opportunities in Kansas. You can check the following map and find a unit that is near you.

deer management units in Kansas

Kansas Deer Hunting Regulations

Legal Firearm

Acceptable firearms include centerfire rifles and handguns that are not fully automatic, utilizing various types of ammunition such as hard-cast solid lead, soft point, hollow point, tumble-on-impact, or other expanding bullets; shotguns of any gauge are also permitted if using only slugs.

Legal Archery

Permitted archery such as longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows. No electronic device that controls the flight of the arrow can be attached to any arrows and bows.

Hunter Orange

During an open firearm or muzzleloader season, all deer hunters must wear orange. An orange hat and a minimum of 200 square inches of orange are necessary, with 100 square inches visible from the front and 100 square inches visible from the back on the upper body. Camouflage orange is acceptable as long as it meets the required visibility.

Accessory Requirements

Hunting blind and stands are allowed.

Only range-finding devices and optical scopes or sights that project no visible light are allowed.

Additional Kansas Hunting Seasons

Except for deer hunting, other hunting activities are also popular in Kansas. If you are planning to hunt more games, click to check out the dates for each season:

Spring TurkeyRabbitElk Season - FirearmsCoyoteTrout SeasonFurbearer Hunting & TrappingBeaver, Otter TrappingCrow SeasonSquirrel Season
  • Youth/Disabled: Apr 1 -16, 2024
  • Archery Only: Apr 8 -16, 2024
  • Regular (firearm/archery): Apr 17 - May 31, 2024
Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2024
Jan 1 - Mar 15, 2024
Jan 1, 2024 - Jan 1, 2025
Mar 31, 2024
Feb 29, 2024
Mar 31, 2024
Mar 10, 2024
Feb 29, 2024


We've summarized the details of the upcoming Kansas Deer Hunting Season. This guide will prepare you for your journey. Get ready with your gear, go out, and create lasting memories.

Hunting goes beyond simply being a sport - it includes excitement, being in nature, and the stories you'll share. We wish everyone a successful hunting season in stunning Kansas!

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