Kalkal 2 MOA Shake Wake Red Dot Collimator Sight For Pistol, Rifle Or Shotgun

Color: Black
Style: 2 MOA
Material: Aluminum
Compatible Devices: Handgun, Shotgun and Rifles
Mounting Type: Picatinny Mount (21mm)
Night Vision: No


  • Lightweight design
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Shake wake with motion detection
  • 12 levels of brightness settings
  • Elevation and windage adjustments
  • 21mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Long-lasting battery up to 20,000 hours


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Kalkal 2 MOA red dot sight is a perfect choice for hunting, shooting, and other outdoor activities as it improves accuracy and reduces the time it takes to shoot. With Kalkal red dot collimator, you can engage fast-moving targets on your outdoor adventure in any condition and environment.

Proven Durability

Kalkal 2 moa red dot sight is constructed using a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing. Additionally, a matte black anodized coating is also applied to the surface of this scope to prevent scratching. This ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight design is capable of withstanding tremendous recoil, and is also extremely durable.

12 Brightness Levels

With 12 red dot brightness level settings, you can achieve optimal visibility no matter the lighting conditions, allowing you to acquire targets quickly. Settings 1-3 are suitable for dim or rainy environments, settings 4-9 are better for bright or sunny days, and settings 10-12 are suitable for middle weather conditions.
red dot sight with 12 brightness levels

Fully Multi-coated Lens

Featuring a scratch-resistant coating on the lens and the ability to transmit light more efficiently in low light conditions through the lens, you can enjoy clear and bright vision. Designed with O-rings and nitrogen-purged to be waterproof and fog-proof. This ensures that you can use the device in any environment, regardless of weather conditions.

Shake Wake Technology

The shake wake red dot is operated with a CR2032 battery that can last 20,000 hours on the lowest brightness setting. In addition, the device is designed with motion-sensing illumination technology to extend battery life. The illumination shuts off after 2 minutes without motion, but the slightest movement will restore it to the previous brightness level.

Optimal Accuracy

For the rail mount option, Kalkal red dot scope offers two different heights 21mm based on your requirements. It has adjustable elevation and windage adjustments to help you achieve pinpoint accuracy, parallax correction, and unlimited eye relief for the best possible viewing experience.


Red Dot Elevation Adjustment

Elevation Adjustment

Adjust the point of impact to up, and rotate the screw counter clockwise

Red Dot Windage Adjustment

Windage Adjustment

Adjust the point of impact to the right, and turn the screw clockwise

Anti-fog Red Dot Sight

Anti-fog Coatings

Capable to promptly clear up any fogging with swift humidity or temperature shifts

How To Install the Kalkal Red Dot Sight?

Step 1: Remove the Picatinny rail mounts with an Allen wrench
Step 2: Install and fix the bottom plate on the red dot sight
Step 3: Install/Remove the bottom battery
Step 4: Tighten the hex screw and fix it to use

how to install kalkal red dot sight

When rail mounting is too loose, the sight will slide back and forth, you need to:
1. Take the sight off the rail.

2. Close up the quick detach mount.

3. Use the wrench (included) to twist the nut which controls the tightness of the quick detach mount.

4. Turn the nut clockwise to tighten the base.

What's In the Package?

The package will come with all that you need: red dot sight, wrenches, screws, Picatinny rail mount plate, torx key, battery, lens cleaning cloth, and a manual.
Kalkal red dot sight

Tips: How to Sight In a Red Dot?

Installation Check: Make sure your red dot sight is properly mounted on your firearm correctly and firmly.
Prepare Target: Place a target at a distance that is suitable for your comfort. As a beginner, you might opt to start at a relatively short distance like 25 - 50 yards.
Align Sight and Target: Focus on hitting the bullseye by keeping your gun steady in order to line up the target and the sights correctly. Ensure that the crimson mark in your field of view aligns with your desired target for the bullet to strike.
Firing and Testing: Begin by shooting a few rounds at the target during the first stage. This is known as a group. In a group setting, three is commonly seen as the perfect number.
Inspect Your Shot: Analyze the bullet's impact locations. If your aim is not accurate, adjust the Red Dot if your bullets are hitting above or below your target by changing the sight's elevation and adjust the windage if your target is not centered with your aim.

Usually, there are gauges on the display for this purpose. Follow the instructions from the visual aid on which direction to go for the necessary change.
After making the adjustments, fire another set of bullets. Inspect again, adjust as needed, and keep iterating until your shots land exactly where you want them to.


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