Conducting a big kill is more than skill; it must employ precision, strategy and a touch of technology. Standby, modern hunters 'digital arsenal--hunting apps. These clever implements do not just complement the old ways; they overturn them.

These apps redefine the hunting experience from GPS tracking to weather forecasting and species identification. Come with me and we'll take a closer look at these digital companions, seeing how they have become instruments of their own making for hunters old and new.

What Can Hunting App Do?

Hunting apps are powerful tools that can be used to enrich the hunting experience and help hunters in many ways. These apps offer many features and functions that can help hunters plan their trips, monitor movements during the hunt and give them an edge.

1. Trip Planning

Hunting apps give thorough data on hunting seasons, regulations and individual game species in various locales. They can help hunters locate the best spots to hunt, find public lands and get landowner information. They usually have maps and GPS capabilities to guide hunters in finding their way to their hunting grounds.

2. Weather Forecast

Knowing the weather is of great importance to hunters, and hunting apps provide accurate up-to-date forecasts. That data may assist hunters in planning their hunt for the factors that they keep track of including wind direction, temperature, precipitation and moon phases. With accurate weather reports, hunters can develop an informed understanding of when and where to hunt.

3. Game Tracking

Other hunting applications allow the hunter to record sightings, track patterns of movement and monitor overall activity. These tools can be especially useful for hunters who want to keep a log of their hunting experiences or try out and develop different strategies.

4. Shooting Range

Also, some hunting apps provide shooting range help such as ballistic calculators, which hunters can use to determine the accurate trajectories of bullets and safe distances for shots. For hunters wanting to guarantee precise and ethical shots, these features can be extremely helpful.

5. Safety and Survival

Safety is built in most hunting apps, letting you share your location with loved ones or emergency contacts. They also offer survival advice, first-aid information, and can even guide hunters back to the safety of civilization in case something unforeseen goes wrong.

Do You Need A Hunting App?

Hunters can find a hunting app to be helpful in all kinds of situations.

Another instance where a hunting app can prove useful is when you are exploring new hunting grounds. These apps usually have detailed maps and GPS navigation so that hunters can explore unfamiliar territory with ease.

Moreover, some of these hunting apps also provide weather forecasts and game tracking functions that help hunters prepare for more fruitful pursuits.

Is It Worth The Cost Of An App Subscription?

Whether or not a hunting app is money well-spent depends on the hunter's individual needs and preferences.

To some hunters, the features and convenience offered by a hunting app may well be worth spending money on. For such hunters, having accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips on land boundaries or hunting regulations may be an attractive attribute.

On the other hand, hunters who are more experienced or like following traditional methods may not see that they need a hunting app and might spend their money elsewhere on gear or equipment for going out to hunt.

Best Hunting App For Android

1. Base Map

💰 Cost: Free / $34.99-$69.99 per year

The focus of BaseMap is as a GPS locator app, turning your Android cellphone into the ultimate guiding machine. It has an XDR (Exact Direction and Range) setting, which enables you to set your spot precisely and guide you toward the destination of choice.

It also helps hunters interact with the community, keeps a log of your activities and lets you share your location while providing weather information.

Key Features

  1. HuntWind
  2. Rangefinder Mapping
  3. Land Ownership Data
  4. XDR Navigation
  5. Offline Maps
  6. Location Sharing
  7. Satellite Imagery
  8. GPS Tracking
  9. Map Layers
  10. SOS Feature
  11. HuntScore Planning


  • Precise XDR navigation
  • Extensive map layers and offline functionality
  • Detailed hunting-related features like wind forecasts and land ownership data
  • Real-time location sharing for safety
  • Comprehensive hunt planning tools


  • Expensive subscription, especially for full features and offline maps
  • The need to carefully consider subscription tiers for individual needs

2. HuntStand

💰 Cost: Free / $29.99/ $69.99 per year

HuntStand is a comprehensive hunting app that offers a range of features for hunters. It provides detailed mapping and land management tools, including property boundaries and landowner information. It also offers weather forecasting, hunting journal capabilities, and a social network for hunters to connect and share their experiences. It is both for Android & iOS.

Key Features:

  1. Rich 3D Mapping for precision planning
  2. Group Hunt Areas for seamless collaboration
  3. Advanced Weather & Game Movement Forecasts
  4. Extensive Property Line Insights for private and public lands
  5. Nationwide Rut Map for comprehensive rut data visualization
  6. Free Account with high-res aerial imagery and stealth cam integration
  7. Upgrade to HuntStand Pro for nationwide property boundaries, recent satellite imagery, and more land data layers
  8. HuntStand Pro Whitetail for exclusive rut maps, whitetail forecasts, and habitat insights


  • Hunt in different situations
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accurate Information


  • The free version islimited with features and time
  • Expensive Upgrade to additional Features
  • May contain Advertising

3. onX Hunt

💰 Cost: Free / $14.99 per month / $29.99-$99.99 per year

onX Hunt is one of the best GPS navigation apps specially designed for hunters. It provides satellite and topographic maps, property land data, hunting zones with various tools in addition to real-time elevation contours that change size based upon your altitude above sea level. Plus, get very accurate aerial photographs taken at an ideal time from medium or high altitudes where nothing obscures it.

New features such as Aerial Imagery, Compass Mode with Rangefinder and Two-State Premium Membership add to the hunting experience. It offers a free trial of Premium State Membership and has offline GPS capability.

Key Features

  1. Satellite & Topographical Maps with GPS Navigation
  2. Landownership Data & Property Lines
  3. Weather Conditions & Forecasts
  4. Aerial/Topo Hybrid Overlay
  5. Compass Mode with Rangefinder
  6. Waypoints & Distance Measurement Tools
  7. Tracker for Hunt Statistics
  8. Offline GPS Functionality
  9. Desktop Map Access
  10. Premium Memberships (Single-State, Two-State, Elite)
  11. Elite Membership for Advanced Tools & Nationwide Coverage


  • Efficient offline mode with reasonable battery usage
  • Continuous improvement through regular updates
  • Enhanced navigation, particularly useful in low-light conditions
  • Accurate property line depiction
  • Versatility for various outdoor activities
  • Crucial offline map download feature
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Considered a substitute for standalone GPS devices


  • New compass feature is rarely accurate
  • Rotating 2D maps is sometimes missing
  • Houses and other developments are missing

4. Hunt Wise

💰 Costs: Free to $119.99

HuntWise is a versatile hunting app that offers a range of features for both beginners and experienced hunters. HuntWise enhances hunting with weather, advanced maps and gear discounts. The app provides users with capabilities such as HuntCast weather-based hunting times, RutCast for following the phases of ruts and Windcast to choose a stand location.

It also offers detailed hunter's maps, property boundaries identification information and coupons from 100+ gear vendors all in one place. It even has an online community where you can share your experiences or learn something

Key Features

  1. HuntCast algorithm, RutCast, WindCast, HuntCast Alerts
  2. 450+ hunting maps, property lines, landowner contact, offline access, custom pins, public land layers, real-time sharing
  3. Significant discounts from 100+ top hunting brands
  4. Platform for sharing experiences, HuntWise Log Feed


  • Accurate Hunting Predictor
  • Keep up to date with land owners and property boundaries
  • 3D feature has to be the best thing
  • Simple to use and very informative


  • Too much for upgrade
  • Not highlight public hunting grounds
  • Maps are years old
  • The recorded path will erase

5. Hunting Points

💰 Costs: Free

Hunting Points is a complete hunting app for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. It simplifies marking favorite hunting spots, following trails and finding property lines. Weather, solunar data and a trophy room place it on the precipice of being an all-in-one app for planning hunting excursions.

Key Features

  1. Land boundaries & property lines visualization
  2. GPS-based navigation & waypoint marking
  3. Offline maps: terrain, satellite, topo, night mode
  4. Current & forecasted weather conditions
  5. Hourly deer movement & feeding times forecast
  6. Solunar data: sun & moon positions, phases
  7. Trophy room for catch details, species tracking
  8. Shareable locations via Kmz or gpx files


  • View the map in 3D to see hill steepness and better plan you hunting trips
  • Map action shortcuts by tapping anywhere on the map
  • Redesigned forecasts menu to quickly toggle between forecasts
  • Various forecasts widgets for your home screen
  • Severe weather alerts


  • Don't have current Maps
  • The parcel data is sometimes inaccurate

hunting apps

Best Hunting App For iPhone

1. Hunting Calendar, Solunar

💰 Cost: Free to $3.99

Hunting Calendar is a Solunar predictive tool to help hunters find the best places. By making use of weather forecasts and animal calling sounds, it calculates the best times to hunt. Record trophies that have been captured, information such as size and weight to create a personal database for sharing with friends.

Key Features

  1. Prediction of best hunting times
  2. Weather forecast integration
  3. Animal calling sounds
  4. Predictions calendar capable of infinite sharing
  5. Hunting efficiency--Day, month and week views.
  6. Times of moonrise, sunset and when the full Moon is overhead
  7. Moon phase display
  8. Sunrise and sunset timings
  9. Minor and major hunting periods
  10. Worldwide location-based calendar
  11. Imperial and metric units support


  • Peak feed times are incredibly accurate
  • The graph layout is good.


  • 24 hours of military time might cause a problem
  • The calendar is pretty hard to understand

2. Primos Hunting Calls

💰 Cost: Free to $1.99

Primos Hunting Calls is the best-selling hunting app with over 20 interactive calls. Elevate your searching prowess with tried-and-genuine favourites like The Gobbler, "The Original Can®", Hoochie® Mama, and Heart Breaker™. Developed with the aid of professional hunters like Will and Jimmy Primos, this app mimics their strategies to trap turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and more with practical sounds.

Key Features

  1. 20+ completely interactive search calls
  2. Mimics professional techniques of professional hunters
  3. Includes calls for turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and more
  4. Features tried-and-true favourites like The Gobbler and Hoochie® Mama
  5. Realistic sounds for progressed hunting skills


  • Ability to stream audio over AirPlay
  • +Better Bluetooth audio support


  • There should have been more calls included
  • 64bit version should be there for smoother working

3. Solunar Best Hunting Times

💰 Cost: Free to $20.49

Solunar Best Hunting Times gives a clear, intuitive interface displaying the finest-looking intervals. Features include Major and Minor feeding instances, sunrise/sunset records, future feeding forecasts, weather updates for 7 days, moon stages, and a hunting rating. Save your favourite places, make use of GPS or manual choice, and get entry to a graphical moon simulator. Apple Watch support and smooth display screen navigation beautify the person revel in.

Key Features

  1. Major and Minor animal feeding times
  2. Future feeding instances forecast
  3. Daily dawn and sunset instances
  4. Save preferred hunting locations
  5. GPS or manual vicinity selection
  6. Automatic timezone conversion
  7. Current and 7-day weather forecast
  8. Moon segment and countdown to subsequent full/new moon
  9. Hunting Rating
  10. Graphical moon simulator
  11. Full assist for Apple Watch
  12. Easy swiping between screens


  • Simple to use Solunar Tables app and weather
  • Accurate for locations


  • Custom location at another time is a problem
  • Sunrise and Sunsets times are not accurate sometimes

4. ScoutLook Hunting

💰 Cost: Free to $5.99

ScoutLook Hunting is a user-friendly hunting app that offers a range of features to enhance the hunting experience. It provides weather forecasting, mapping capabilities, game tracking, and other useful tools for hunters. It also offers a customisable dashboard, so you can easily access the most important information.

Key Features

  1. Weather Insights: Detailed forecasts
  2. Property Data: Landowner info
  3. ScentCone Wind: Scent planning
  4. Waterfowl Aid: Flight tracking
  5. Comprehensive Maps: Four layers
  6. Offline Access: GPS navigation


  • Log Deer and Other Animals
  • Very Practical for Every Hunter


  • Ads would be little annoying

5. Topo Maps+

💰 Cost: Free to $69.99

Topo Maps+ is a mobile application that provides detailed topographic maps for outdoor enthusiasts. It is designed to help hikers, campers, Hunters and other outdoor adventurers navigate and plan their trips more effectively. The app offers a wide range of features, including offline map access, GPS tracking, route planning, and elevation profiles. Users can also mark waypoints, record tracks, and share their adventures with others.

Key Features

  1. Trustworthy Maps
  2. Custom Overlays
  3. Planning Tools
  4. Smart Routes
  5. On-Trail Tools
  6. Proximity Alerts
  7. Line of Sight
  8. Progress Tracking
  9. Guided Waypoints
  10. Elevation Data
  11. Photo Waypoints
  12. Navigational Tips


  • Affordable to use
  • Apple Watch Support
  • Different levels of access


  • No way to export data
  • Delay in subscription update when adding MacOS app
  • Help email address not easily accessible in MacOS app


Hunting apps have redefined the traditional hunting world, providing endless features from GPS tracking and weather forecasting to game tracking and psychoanalysis. Catering to a variety of needs and tastes, they assist hunters in planning, navigation, as well as refining their tactics. But although each app has its good points and bad, put together they can definitely help improve hunting trips. They're a boon to both newbies and veterans alike.

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