In freezingly cold weather, fishing becomes quite a hectic job. In that extreme weather, protecting and safeguarding yourself should be the priority. After being safe and secure, you are in a better position to do your work in the best way possible.

Ice fishing boots are designed in such a high-class manner that they provide complete protection and warmth to your feet even in such low temperatures.

What Kind Of Boots Are The Best For Ice Fishing?

The Ice fishing boots should be made of a thick and waterproof material so that they do not allow water to penetrate inside the shoes.

They are supposed to provide protection, insulation, warmth, and a cushioning effect to the feet throughout the fishing. There are usually two kinds of them.

Pac boots for ice fishing

Pac boots, short for "pacific boots, are insulated footwear that provide exceptional insulation and protection against freezing temperatures. These ice boots have a removable liner that enhances their waterproof properties.

It is also very easy to dry them. Pac boots are well known because of their waterproof and insulation properties. They are perfect for navigating snowy and icy terrains, ensuring you can focus on the thrill of ice fishing without worrying about cold feet.

You can say, they are the warmest boots for fishing.

Rubber boots for ice fishing

Rubber ice fishing boots are a budget-friendly and practical option for fishers. These boots are typically made from durable rubber materials that effectively shield your feet from moisture, slush, and icy water.

Rubber boots generally have sturdy and slip-resistant outsoles, which offer good traction on slippery or wet surfaces. However, they should mainly be used in mildly cold environments as they do not provide enough insulation.

Key Features of Ice Fishing Boots

Before purchasing a pair of fishing boots for winter, you should learn about the essential features of them.

Following are some required characteristics of ice fishing boots:

Effective insulation:

As fishing takes place in extremely cold weather, ice fishing boots should have extra insulation from high-quality materials like Thinsulate. It keeps the feet warm and functional throughout the fishing process.


During fishing, you are in water all the time. So, ice fishing boots should be one hundred percent waterproof and able to keep your feet dry and protected. Any rubber boots for fishing with low-quality material would not be able to keep the feet dry.

Cold rating:

You also need to check the cold rating of the ice fishing boots before buying them. Different brands offer protection to the different values of the temperature. You can pre-decide the range of temperature you are willing to do fishing in and then select the ice fishing shoes suitable for that temperature range.


Pac boots for ice fishing are designed with deep lug patterns. These patterns allow the shoes to stay resistant to slippery ice surfaces. It provides traction and grip to the ice fishing boots and helps the fishers walk smoothly on uneven ice surfaces.


Fishing boots should be comfortable. You need to make sure that the material of the shoes is soft, has enough toe space, the fitting is appropriate, and your feet are neither too tight nor too loose. You need to walk around for some time, before finalizing the fishing boots.


Ice fishing boots should be lightweight because walking on ice is a challenging task. If your boots are not lightweight then walking could be more difficult.

You are already managing the grip of your feet by using deep lug patterned in ice fishing boots. If they are heavy, it will make it difficult to manage the walk and griping at the same time.


Fishing requires you to walk on ice and stay in water for a long period. You need to not only protect your feet but also your legs. Therefore, you need to buy fishing shoes that are long enough to protect your lower legs as well.

Moreover, be mindful of the quality of the laces and the thickness of the material around your calf. It should not be too tight or too loose around your leg.


Buying ice fishing shoes should be an investment and they should serve you for years. You need to be careful about the brand, reviews, and quality of the material before buying them.

They should be durable enough that you can wear them for many years without getting them eroded.

ice fishing in winter

10 Best Ice Fishing Boots Reviews

It is critical to have the correct pair of ice fishing boots to ensure comfort, warmth, and safety on the frozen landscape.

In this detailed section, we will review some of the top ice fishing boots on the market and give you important insights and recommendations on everything from insulation and waterproofing to traction and durability.

So, let's dive in and find the best boots for keeping your feet toasty and dry for your ice fishing trips.

Ice Fishing Boots for Women

1) Kalkal Mid-Calf Women’s Rubber Boots

These shoes are 100% waterproof and keep the heat retained. They provide arch support with the help of steel shanks. They have slip-resistant lug outsole which helps in walking on the ice and provides traction. They are effective and functional in the temperature range of -4°F/-20°C to 68°F/20°C.


Women customers are satisfied with the quality of these rubber fishing boots. Lots of users have shared their stories of fishing with these boots on. They have praised that these rubber shoes are very comfortable to wear, and they keep their feet protected and dry even after being on a wet surface for a long time.


The price is affordable.

They are stylish and available in a variety of colors.

They have padded arch support.


They are made up of rubber so do not protect from rocks and hard surfaces.

They are not insulated enough for extremely cold weather.

2) Korkers Women's Dark Horse

Their soles are adjustable, and you can choose the one according to your requirements. This footwear possesses friction soles which provide sufficient traction for walking on slippery surfaces. The hydrophobic material is used for their construction which helps in drying them as quickly as possible.


Women fishers have shown a high level of satisfaction with these high-quality waterproof ice fishing boots. They keep their feet protected and easy to wear. According to users they are perfectly designed to meet the demands and requirements of the fishing day.


They are lightweight and durable.


In sandy areas, they become crunchy and give weird sounds.

Their laces are not of great quality.

3) Baffin Icefield Women’s Boots

Baffin ice fishing boots for women have a multilayer inner boot system. These boots are waterproof and insulated with nylon upper. The EVA midsole provides cushioning. They are insulated with an Aluminum membrane. Their footbed is of waffle comb design.


These ice-fishing shoes are extremely comfortable. Users have highly recommended them for ice fishing. ICEFIELD is suitable for prolonged use in extreme cold weather, snow, or ice-covered areas. Almost, all the users had a positive experience and called it worth buying.


Their polar rubber outsole provides extra protection in cold.

They are polar-rated and tested at both the north and south poles.


They are a bit bulky to walk in.

Excessive insulation makes a size smaller than it is.

A bit pricy than other fishing boots.


4) Lacrosse Outpost 2

They are fully insulated ice fishing boots with foam liners. Their upper is made up of full-grain leather while nylon rubber is used for the construction of the bottom. The boot rubber is resistant to abrasions as well. Their temperature range is -40 to 40 Fahrenheit.


Users seem quite satisfied with the quality and durability of these fishing boots. Some users have claimed to wear them for more than twenty years as well. Their high-quality material and insulation seem to remain functional for years and make them life-long boots.


True to size and comfortable.

Great quality and structure.

They are waterproof and durable.


The upper is a bit stiff.


5) Baffin Storm (Plain Toe) Boots

They have an arctic rubber upper and outsole and also have a high-density insulation layer and an Aluminum membrane which helps to retain heat. They are tundra-rated and are one of the warmest boots for fishing.


These ice fishing boots are quite popular among their users because of their high quality. Customers have found them extremely warm, and they seem to protect their feet by keeping them warm and dry. Users have highly recommended them as well.


They are lightweight and flexible.


The top of the boot at the calf (above the ankle), is tight for some users.


Ice Fishing Boots for Men

1) Kalkal Tall Slip-Resistant Boots

The boots’ material is Neoprene and rubber. They guarantee 100 percent waterproof characteristics. Their EVA insole provides complete arch support and comfort. The boots offer a tricolor outsole which gives a foot grip and traction while walking on ice.

The temperature range is from -4°F/-20°C to 68°F/ 20°C in moderate cold weather.


Users have mainly praised these ice fishing boots because of their completely waterproof material and protection of the feet. A lot of users have reported testing them in bathtubs, lawns, and fishing and found out that their feet were totally dry and safe.


They have webbing pull straps at the back which provides extra safety while walking.

The boots are high up above the calf.

Best to use for fishing, gardening, and camping.


May not be insulated enough for extremely cold weather.



These boots are available with two pairs of soles. They hold the property of traction with the presence of high friction rubber sole which is suitable for wet conditions.

They have internal drainage for water and have midsole ports for moving water out. The boots are made up of hydrophobic material, which helps them to dry as quickly as possible.


People are in love with these shoes. Veteran fishers with 30+ years of experience using this kind of ice fishing boots are satisfied with it. A few people have raised questions on aesthetics and durability though.


Their soles are designed perfectly for aquatic environments.

Their material is abrasion-resistant.

It is a pair of incredibly lightweight fishing wading boots.


It is shorter than other boots. May not be able to protect your calf.

Some users might not find them aesthetically appealing.


3) Clam Sub Zero X Boot

This 100% waterproof boot is designed specifically for winter and ice conditions to keep your feet warm and dry. With a stunning -40° F rating, you can face even the coldest weather with confidence.

The boot has a detachable wool liner that provides extra insulation as well as outstanding comfort. Its complete rubber design provides excellent mud and snow protection.


Customers have tried and tested these rubber fishing boots and found them reliable. Some customers have shared their stories and praised the durability and use for fishing for about 8 hours straight. They have highly recommended them because of their level of comfort, warmth, and durability.


They are polar-rated and slip-resistant ice fishing boots.

Easy to slip on and slip off.


They look more bulky.

Their sizes are different based on different customer feedback.



These boots are designed to perform well on all terrains, including wet ice, snow, mixed surfaces, ensuring exceptional grip all year. They are 100% waterproof and give additional protection for your shin and forefoot.

These boots are designed to keep you comfortable in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 50°F (-30°C to 10°C) thanks to a breathable mesh interior that reduces heat and moisture.  They can be trusted companions for any season.


These ice fishing boots have received positive reviews and feedback from their customers. They are fully insulated and protect the toes and feet even in cold weather. Although some users have complained that after sitting for a few hours their insulation does not work up to the mark but works well while walking.


They are functional even in extreme cold weather conditions.

Lightweight and great for long trip.


They are not true to size.

Boots would be tight if you wear thick socks.

A bit expensive than others.


5) Norfin Klondaik Boot

These boots are made of lightweight and adaptable EVA material boots designed to give great protection and comfort. For enhanced safety and protection, the outsole is made of solid rubber and has retractable ice cleats.

These boots have thick and warm insole to keep your feet warm with a temperature rating of -40°F. Moreover, their insoles and liners are removeable so you can also wear them in cool days.


Customers have shared positive experiences with their usage. These ice fishing boots work perfectly well in snow and cold weather conditions. According to customers, they are the perfect choice for smooth walking and ice fishing.


They are made with super light material.

They are durable and warm and keep the heat in well.


The calf area of this boot is a bit massive.



Ice fishing boots should be selected after carefully going through all their features. You need to do deep research about the quality of their material, their durability, level of comfort, waterproof ability, and height of the shoes.

As you are going to walk on ice, select the shoes that offer enough grip and a perfect deep lug pattern. After carefully analyzing all these features, you can get yourself a good pair of ice fishing boots.

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